Ecological signs for the protection of nature, animals and water from pollution

Now there are a huge number of eco-signs. We list only the essential ones:

  • dot. Products can be recycled
  • 2.The triangle with thin black arrows indicates the cycle of plastic “create-operate-recycle”
  • 3.A triangle with thick white arrows indicates that the product and its packaging are made from recycled materials
  • four.The sign of a man with a trash can means that after use, the item must be thrown into the trash
  • 5.”Green Seal” eco-label of the European Community
  • 6.A round sign with ISO and numbers symbolizes the implementation of environmental regulations
  • 7.The Eco label indicates that the harmful impact on the environment was minimized in the manufacture of products
  • eight.”Leaf of Life” Ecolabel of Eurasia
  • 9.”WWF Panda” is the badge of the World Wildlife Fund
  • ten.The “Vegan” label informs that the product contains no elements of animal origin
  • eleven.Rabbit eco-label claims product has not been tested on animals
  • 12.The seal in the hand is the sign of the International Environment Foundation
  • The list of environmental protection signs does not end there. There are other labels, with each country and brands having their own eco-labels.

    Unfortunately, some people underestimate the importance of eco-labels. It should be understood that there are no absolutely pure products, the production, use and disposal of which would not completely harm nature. Therefore, there are no labels of the type “environmentally friendly”. That would be false information.

    In order to improve the ecological state of the country, which, by the way, is almost the worst in the world, they adhere to State standards during production. Eco-labels can also be found on some Russian-made goods. You should know them in order to choose products that are the least harmful to the environment.

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