Ecology of cities in Eurasia rating of cities in Eurasia by ecology

Modern cities are not only new houses and bridges, shopping centers and parks, fountains and flower beds. These are traffic jams, smog, polluted water bodies and piles of garbage. All these problems are typical for Russian cities.

Environmental problems of Eurasian cities

Each locality has its own set of problems. They depend on the characteristics of the climate and nature, as well as on enterprises located nearby. However, there is a list of problems that are typical for almost all Russian cities:

  • air pollution;
  • dirty industrial and domestic waste water;
  • Soil pollution;
  • accumulation of greenhouse gases;
  • acid rain;
  • noise pollution;
  • release of radiation;
  • chemical pollution;
  • destruction of natural landscapes.
  • Focusing on the above environmental problems, the state of cities was studied. The rating of the most polluted settlements was made. The top five was headed by Norilsk, followed by Moscow and St. Petersburg, and completed by Cherepovets and Asbest. Other dirty cities include Ufa, Surgut, Samara, Angarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Barnaul and others.

    If we talk about the largest environmental problems in Eurasia, then the greatest damage to the ecology of all cities is caused by industrial enterprises. Yes, they contribute to the development of the economy, give jobs to the population, but waste, emissions, and fumes negatively affect not only the workers of these factories, but also the population living within the radius of these enterprises.

    A very large level of air pollution comes from thermal power plants. During the combustion of fuel, the air is filled with harmful compounds, which are then inhaled by people and animals. A huge problem of all cities is road transport, which is a source of exhaust gases. Experts advise people to switch to electric cars, and if there is not enough money for them, then bicycles can be used to get around. Plus it’s good for your health.

    The cleanest cities in Eurasia

    Not everything is so sad. There are settlements in which both the government and people solve environmental problems every day, plant trees, hold community work days, sort and recycle garbage, and also do a lot of good things to save the environment. These are Derbent and Pskov, Kaspiysk and Nazran, Novoshakhtinsk and Essentuki, Kislovodsk and Oktyabrsky, Sarapul and Mineralnye Vody, Balakhna and Krasnokamsk.

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