Elephant Galapagos Turtle how much lives, description and photos, interesting facts

Galapagos (Chelonoidis Elephantopus) a representative of the reptile class, the largest land tortoise, which is currently existing in the world, is also known as ivory. Only her marine relative leathery turtle can compose competition for her. Due to human activities and climate changes, the number of these giants has decreased sharply, and they are considered an endangered look.


The Galapagos turtle affects everyone with its dimensions, because it is 300 kg to see a turtle weighing up to 1 m in a height, it costs a lot, only one shell in diameter reaches 1.5 meters. Her neck is relatively long and thin, and her head is small and rounded, her eyes are dark and close.

Unlike other types of turtles, the paws of which are so short that they have to almost crawl on the belly, the ivory turtle of the limb is quite long and even, covered with thick dark skin, reminiscent of scales, the feet end with short thick fingers. The tail is also available in males it is longer than in females. Hearing is poorly prostrate, so they respond badly to the approach of enemies.

The scientists divide them into two separate morphovids:

  • with a domed shell;
  • With a saddle shell.
  • Naturally, the whole difference here is precisely in the form of the same shell. In some, it will rise above the body in the form of an arch, and in the latter close to the neck, the shape of natural protection depends exclusively on the habitat.


    The Galapagos Islands are naturally the birthplace of the Galapagos turtles, which are washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, their name translates as “island of turtles”. Galapagosov can also be found in the Indian Ocean on the island of Aldabra, but there these animals do not reach large sizes.

    Galapagos turtles have to survive in very difficult conditions-due to the hot climate on the islands, there are very few vegetation. For their living, they choose lowlands and spaces overgrown with shrubs, like to hide in the thickets under the trees. Giants prefer mud baths with water procedures, for this, these cute creatures look for pits with a liquid swamp and burrow there the entire lower part of the body.

    Features and lifestyle

    All the bright time of the day reptiles hide in the thicket and practically do not leave their shelters. Only with the onset of the night do they get out for a walk. In the dark, the turtles are almost helpless, since their hearing and vision are completely reduced.

    In the rainy season or drought, Galapagos turtles can migrate from one area to another. At this time, often independent loners gather in groups of 20-30 individuals, but in the team they are not in contact with each other and live isolated. Collectors are interested in them only during the rut.

    The mating time of them falls for the spring months, the laying of eggs for the summer. By the way, the second name of these relict animals appeared due to the fact that during the searches of the second half, males make specific uterine sounds similar to ivory roar. In order to get his chosen one, the male with all his strength races her with his shell, and if such a move did not take action, he also bites her behind the legs until the lady of the heart lies and draws the limbs, thus opening access to access your body.

    Eyelon turtles are laid in specially dug pits, in one clutch, there can be up to 20 eggs the size of a tennis ball. Under favorable conditions, turtles can multiply and twice a year. After 100-120 days, the first cubs begin to get out of the eggs, after the birth, their weight does not exceed 80 grams. Young animals reaches puberty at the age of 20-25, but such a long development is not a problem, since the life expectancy of giants is 100-122 years.


    Eating in elephant turtles exclusively plant origin, they eat any plants that can reach. Even poisonous and prickly greens go for food. Particular preference in food is given to Mancinella and the cactus of oscillation, since in addition to nutrients, from which reptiles also receive moisture. Galapagos have no teeth, they bite off shoots and leaves with the help of pointed, like jaw knives.

    Sufficient drinking regime for these giants is vital. They can devote up to 45 minutes daily in the body to restore the water balance in the body.

    Interesting Facts

    1. The longlived among the Galapagos turtles were the inhabitants of the Cairo zoo a turtle named Samira and her husband. The female died at the age of 315, and the male did not reach the 400th anniversary of only a few years.
    2. After the sailors opened the Galapagos Islands in the 17th century, they began to use local turtles in food. Since these majestic animals can do without food and water for several months, the sailors simply lowered them into the holds of their ships and ate as needed. In just two centuries, so 10 million were destroyed. Turtles.
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