Endangered animal species in Eurasia and the world names with photos and descriptions

The population of our planet is increasing year by year, but the number of wild animals, on the contrary, is declining.

Mankind affects the extinction of a large number of animal species by expanding its cities, thereby taking away natural habitats from the fauna. A very important role is played by the fact that people are constantly cutting down forests, developing more and more new lands for crops and polluting the atmosphere and water bodies with waste.

It should be noted that sometimes the expansion of megacities has a positive effect on some animal species: rats, pigeons, crows.

Conservation of biological diversity

At the moment, it is very important to preserve all biological diversity, because it was born by nature millions of years ago. The presented variety of animals is not just a random cluster, but a single coordinated working bunch. The extinction of any species will lead to serious changes in the entire ecosystem. Each species is very important and unique for our world.

As for endangered unique species of animals and birds, they should be treated with special care and protection. Since they are the most vulnerable and humanity can lose this species at any time. It is the conservation of rare species of animals that becomes a paramount task for each state and individual in particular.

The main reasons for the loss of various animal species is: the degeneration of the animal habitat; uncontrolled hunting in prohibited areas; destruction of animals to create products; habitat pollution. In all countries of the world, certain laws on protection against the extermination of wild animals, regulating rational hunting and fishing, have a law in Eurasia, there is a law on hunting and the use of the animal world.

At the moment, there is the socalled Red Book of the International Union of Nature Protection, established in 1948, where all rare animals and plants are entered. Eurasia has a similar Red Book, where accounting for the endangered species of our country. Thanks to the state policy, it was possible to save from the extinction of sables and saigas, which were on the verge of extinction. Now they are even allowed to hunt for them. The number of kulans, bison increased.

Saigaks could disappear from the face of the earth

Anxiety about the extinction of biological species has not been deceived. So if you take the period from the beginning of the seventeenth century to the end of the twentieth (some three hundred years)-68 species of mammals and 130 species of birds died out.

According to statistics maintained by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, one species or subspecies is destroyed each year. Very often, the phenomenon began to occur when partial extinction occurs, that is, disappearance in certain countries. So in Eurasia in the Caucasus, man contributed to the fact that nine species have already become extinct. Although this happened before: according to the reports of archaeologists, musk oxen were in Eurasia 200 years ago, and they were recorded in Alaska before 1900. But there are species that we can lose in a short time.

List of endangered animals

bison. The Bialowieza bison, larger in size and with a darker coat color, was exterminated back in 1927. The Caucasian bison remained, the number of which is several dozen heads.

The red wolf is a large animal with an orange color. In this species, there are about ten subspecies, two of which are found on the territory of our country, but much less often.

Siberian Crane a crane that lives in the north of Siberia. As a result of the reduction of wetlands, it is rapidly dying out.

If we talk in more detail about specific species of endangered animals, birds, insects, then research centers provide various statistics and ratings. Now more than 40% of the flora and fauna is in danger of extinction. Some more endangered animals:

one. Koala. The reduction of the species occurs due to the cutting down of eucalyptus their food source, urbanization processes and dog attacks.

2. Amur tiger. The main reasons for the decline in the population are poaching and forest fires.

3. Galapagos sea lion. The deterioration of environmental conditions, as well as infection from wild dogs, negatively affects the reproduction of sea lions.

four. Cheetah. Farmers kill them as cheetahs prey on livestock. They are also hunted by poachers for their skins.

5. Chimpanzee. The reduction of the species occurs due to the degradation of their habitat, the illegal trade of their cubs, infectious infection.

6. western gorilla. Their population has been reduced by climate change and poaching.

7. collared sloth. The population is declining due to deforestation.

eight. Rhinoceros. The main threat is poachers who sell rhinoceros horn on the black market.

9. Giant panda. Species are being pushed out of their habitats. Animals have a low birth rate in principle.

ten. African elephant. This species is also a victim of poaching, as ivory is of great value.

eleven. Grevy’s Zebra. This species was actively hunted for the sake of the skin and pasture competition.

12. Polar bear. Changes in the habitat of bears due to global warming affect the decline of the species.

13. Sifaka. The population is declining due to deforestation.

fourteen. Grizzly. The species has been reduced due to hunting and the danger of bears to humans.

fifteen. African lion. The species is being destroyed due to conflicts with people, active hunting, infectious diseases and climate change.

16. Galapagos tortoise. They were actively destroyed, their habitats were changed. The animals that were brought to the Galapagos had a negative impact on their reproduction.

17. komodo dragon. The species is declining due to natural disasters and poaching.

eighteen. Whale shark. Reduced population due to shark prey.

19. hyena dog. The species is dying out due to infectious diseases and habitat changes.

twenty. Hippopotamus. Illegal trade in animal meat and bones has led to a decline in the population.

21. Magellanic penguin. The population suffers due to constant oil spills.

22. Humpback whale. The species is declining due to whaling.

23. King Cobra. The species has become a victim of poaching.

24. Rothschild giraffe. Animals suffer due to habitat reduction.

25. orangutan. The population is declining due to urbanization processes and active deforestation.

The list of endangered animals is not limited to these species. As you can see, the main threat is a person and the consequences of his activities. There are state programs for the conservation of endangered animals. And everyone can make a contribution to the conservation of endangered animal species.

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