Endemics of Africa animals and plants | List of endemics of Africa

The colorful nature of Africa will not leave anyone indifferent. Being a huge continent passing through the equator, it is inhabited by a wide variety of mammals. Such unique species, giraffes, hippos, buffaloes and elephants are characteristic of the African fauna. Large predators live in the savannas, and monkeys with snakes have settled in dense forests. Even in the African Sahara, there are a number of animals that have adapted to living in conditions of complete absence of moisture and high temperatures. The African continent is home to more than 1,100 species of mammals, as well as 2,600 species of birds and more than 100,000 species of various insects.


South African giraffe

Masai giraffe


Savian elephant

African buffalo

Red buffalo

Blue Gnu



Savannaya zebra

Burchellova Zebra

Zebra Chapman


Redheaded mangobe

Belota Roosevelt

A fourfingered jump

Shortearned jump


Sannaya Sonya

The proboscis of Peters


Bright acupuncture Galag



African Marabu

Mouse birds (mice)

Secretary bird

Big African Rustelga

Fox empty

African ostrich

Kapsky vulture

Blackstep squinting Babbler

South African sparrow


Sailor Zalmoxis

Royal Spider-Babuin


East African narrowdoors

Redlane narrow

A marble frog-grill

Rowing chameleon

Snakes and reptiles

Kapsky multinocoupler

Kenyan cat snake




Royal Proteus

Journal of candelabri

Aloe dichotomous (quiver tree)

lead tree


Angrekum two-row

African cherry orange

Acacia yellowbark

Dracaena fragrant


Africa is rich in extremely rare and unusual mammals for the European eye. Among a wide variety of species, there are both very small and rather large animals. The African bush elephant is considered the largest mammal in Africa, and the pygmy manytooth is considered the smallest. Birds of Africa also attract special attention with their appearance and lifestyle. Many of them have adapted to harsh climatic conditions, and some fly here only for the winter from Asia or Europe. Also, a huge number of various insects make Africa one of the richest continents in terms of the number of unique fauna.

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