Endemics of Kazakhstan plants and animals, photos and names

Endemic species of animals and plants belong to a certain territory and are not found anywhere else. This happens due to the special climatic, geographical, soil or other conditions of the area. Since the distribution of endemic representatives of flora and fauna is limited, most of them are often rare and are included in the Red Data Books. And those of them that are on the verge of extinction need not only protection, but also measures for reproduction and, possibly, their settlement of other territories.

The territory of Kazakhstan has no connection with the World Ocean, is located in the natural zone of the steppes, is distinguished by unique landscapes and climate. All this contributed to the emergence of special species of flora and fauna here.


pale jerboa

Karatau argali


Jerboa Heptner

Jerboa Zhitkov


Polyubyanka Panopa

Lumberjack Galuzo



Euphorbia Yaroslav

Bedstraw Kazakh

Tulip Borschova

Tulip Regel

Other endemics of Kazakhstan

Transcaspian hawthorn, Ili beetle, Solsky beetle, False shandra, Azutav onion, Zaisan onion, Ivashchenko onion, Cretaceous madder, Semirechensky euphorbia, Kazakh bedstraw, White-wax wormwood, Krause tulip, Eneis mullah, Krylov’s woodruff


In the Republic of Kazakhstan, there is a national natural park Altyn-Emel, founded in April 1996. Like any other national park, it is designed to protect rare and endangered animals and plants, including endemics. On its territory, human activity is strictly limited. The creation of such a park was a necessary measure related to the natural and ecological situation in the country. Desertification and land depletion due to natural and anthropogenic causes is the main problem of the country’s ecology, along with air and water pollution, which directly affects the abundance and species diversity of biomass.

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