Endemics of South America animals and plants | List with photo

South America is distinguished by its great diversity of the organic world. Its long isolation from other continents has led to the formation of a unique and endemic flora and fauna. The most famous representatives of the flora are cinchona, long-leaved teak, Triana orchid and golden paradrimonia. The most notable representatives of the fauna are the hummingbird, Alpaca llama, Brazilian manatee.  The difference in natural conditions makes the mainland extremely heterogeneous in terms of representatives of the animal and plant world.


Balfour pine


Pachycormus multicolored or elephant tree


Guatemalan fir


Animal world



Amazonian manatee

Amazonian dolphin

andean cat

giant anaconda

giant anteater

mountain viscacha

mountain tapir

two-toed sloth

Dinoponera giant

Imperial tamarin


pygmy marmoset

cat otter

Geoffroy’s cat

Bald uakari

leaf cutter ant

ordinary coat

pampas cat

Striped possum

Magellanic woodpecker

Securan fox

Chilean cat


South American fur seal

Titicaca whistler

wingless grebe

deer pudu


The most diverse flora and fauna are concentrated in the tropical rainforests of South America. Animals in these areas hide in the thickets of thickets or spend time on the tops of trees. Notable is the fact that there are no great apes in South America. All monkeys are broad-nosed and spread only in the tropics. This continent is also distinguished by the fact that it contains a huge number of endemic insects. The fauna of the mainland is also extremely diverse: from savannahs to dense forests.

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