American English Coonhound: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character

American English Coonhound was not bred at all in England, as one might assume, but in the United States of America in the 19th century. From English, she has only ancestors English Coonhounds, which hunters and breeders crossed with other hunting dogs.

American English Coonhound

Characteristics of American English Coonhound

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • The size: Average
  • Growth: 51–69 cm
  • The weight: 18–29 kg
  • Age: 11–14 years old
  • FCI breed group: Not recognized

Brief information

  • Good-natured, sociable, and friendly;
  • Can sometimes be very stubborn;
  • Another name for the breed is the American English Coonhound and the Red Speckled Coonhound.

Character American English Coonhound

American English Coonhound is the common name for a group of American hounds. It is formed from two words: raccoon “raccoon” and hound. Dogs are hot on the trail and are mainly used in hunting foxes, raccoons, wild boars, and other medium-sized animals.

American hunters appreciate not only the working qualities of the raccoon hound but also its character. These dogs are distinguished by diligence, attentiveness, and the desire to please their adored owner.

Cheerful and good-natured Coonhounds stand out from the rest of the hounds: they are more open, playful, and sociable. That is why the American English Coonhound can also be kept as a companion. The dog will be happy to play the role of a universal pet and enjoy the attention of all family members.

However, when raising a puppy, you should be very careful. Representatives of the breed can show willfulness and perseverance, and then you will have to look for an approach to them. If the owner has no experience in raising dogs, then you can not even try, but immediately turn to a professional cytologist.

American English Coonhound is very friendly and outgoing. The dog is friendly to strangers and may even be the first to make contact. However, even in case of danger, the pet will not be confused, it will defend its family and territory to the last.

With relatives, the American English Coonhound gets along pretty well. She is not aggressive and calmly reacts to other dogs with proper socialization. But relationships with smaller animals, for example, cats, do not always work out well. Although the feline character also plays an important role in this matter.

With children, the red-speckled Coonhound is gentle and playful. He will gladly support any activity, and, if necessary, protect the little owner. These dogs make caring nannies.


The straight, short coat of the American English Coonhound is brushed weekly with a stiff brush. During the molting period, the procedure can be repeated more often twice a week. It is also important to monitor the dog’s oral hygiene and the condition of the claws.

Conditions of detention

American English Coonhound is an Ideal Candidate for Living in the Country. An active and energetic dog needs many hours of walking and running. Together with her, you can go in for sports, this dog will be happy to keep the owner company on a jog. However, with proper physical activity, a pet can get along in a city apartment, the main thing for him is love and care.

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