English Setter: characteristics of the dog breed, photo, character, rules of care and maintenance


  • Country of Origin: UK
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    61–68 cm
  • The weight:
    25–35 kg
  • Age:
    10–12 years old
  • FCI breed group:
  • Brief information

  • Energetic and cheerful;
  • Calm and good-natured;
  • Smart and sociable.
  • Character

    The English Setter has inherited the best qualities of his ancestors a variety of spaniels that lived in Great Britain in the 16th century, and at the same time he has a completely different character from them. This breed has another name Laverack Setter, in honor of its creator Edward Laverack. He wanted to breed a dog that would have not only external, but also internal elegance, although the owners of numerous spaniels were only interested in the working qualities of pets. As a result, over 35 years of work, Laverack managed to breed the dog breed that we still know through inbreeding.

    The English Setter turned out to be hardy, unusually bold and fast; representatives of the breed are very enthusiastic, they are completely immersed in hunting, their favorite game or communication with the owner. The breed standard very succinctly describes the character of the setter: it is “a gentleman by nature”.

    Indeed, these dogs are smart, balanced and kind. They won’t hurt a younger one, whether it’s a smaller pet or a child. On the contrary, it will be interesting for them to communicate with them, play along a little, endure pranks. These dogs will never pester the owner if he is not in the mood, and, on the contrary, they always know when they are ready to play with them. Over the years of living in an urban environment, English Setters have become wonderful companions. They are calm towards other animals and strangers, and thanks to their hunting background they are not afraid of loud noises. However, we must not forget that dogs, like people, are unpredictable, so you should never go out with them without a leash, even if the pet is well trained.

    The English Setter is very smart its training will not be difficult, the main thing is that the dog feels on an equal footing, otherwise it will get bored with the senseless execution of commands.


    In general, the English Setter is in good health and can live up to 15 years. However, when buying a puppy, you should pay attention to the health of his parents, since representatives of the breed can have genetic diseases, the most common of which are hip dysplasia and eye diseases. English Setters are also prone to allergies.

    It is important to monitor the condition of the ears of the pet, regularly inspect them, since dogs with hanging ears are subject to their rapid pollution, and are also prone to infection with a ear tick, which can lead to otitis media.

    Grooming an English Setter is very simple: just comb it 2-3 times a week and wash it as it gets dirty. Dogs of this breed shed little, but their coat is prone to matting. Tangles that cannot be combed should be carefully trimmed. Most often they form in the knees and behind the ears.

    If you plan to participate in exhibitions with your pet, it is necessary to carry out professional grooming.

    Conditions of detention

    Due to its calm nature and low shedding coat, the English Setter is perfect for life in a city apartment. Nevertheless, it is necessary to walk with him at least one and a half to two hours a day. It is advisable to walk actively so that the dog can release the accumulated energy.

    Under no circumstances should these dogs be kept on a leash. They also have a hard time being alone. For this reason, if you know that you will be absent for a long time, you should have your friend’s pet.

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