Environmental and ecological problems of the oil industry

As a result of the extraction and storage, transportation, processing and use of oil and oil products, significant harm is caused to the environment, since water, air and land are polluted, and animals and plants die when the substance is spilled.

The problem of biosphere pollution with oil

The main reason for environmental pollution is that people, using oil, make mistakes and do not fully control the production process, due to which part of the oil comes to the surface or spills, polluting everything around. Damage to nature is paid in such cases:

  • when drilling wells;
  • during the construction of pipelines;
  • during the combustion of fuel oil;
  • when oil products leak onto the ground;
  • when spilling liquid in water bodies, including during an accident on tankers;
  • when dumping oil-derived products into rivers and seas;
  • when using gasoline and diesel fuel in cars.
  • These are far from all examples where the oil-using industry has a negative impact on the environment.

    Environmental and ecological problems of the oil industry

    Other Oil Industry Issues

    In addition to the fact that oil products pollute the biosphere, there are a number of other environmental problems associated with the extraction and use of this natural resource. When the deposits are explored, the area is cleared in order to install equipment for drilling an oil well. Preparation consists in cutting down trees and clearing the site of vegetation, which leads to changes in the ecosystem and the destruction of flora.

    Environmental and ecological problems of the oil industry

    During work at an oil facility, the environment is polluted with various substances (not only oil):

  • building materials;
  • waste products;
  • materials used;
  • appliances, etc. d.
  • If an accident occurs during production, oil may spill. The same can happen during its transportation or transportation through pipelines. When a mineral is pumped out of the bowels of the earth, voids form there, as a result of which the layers of soil move.

    Accidents, fires and explosions often occur at enterprises during oil refining. Oil is used to produce raw materials for the chemical industry, fuel, building materials and other products. When they are burned and used, the biosphere is also polluted, gases and harmful chemical compounds are released. To avoid many of the problems of the oil industry, it is necessary to reduce the amount of its use, improve production and processing technologies in order to reduce the risk of environmental pollution by oil products.

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