Environmental impact assessment what is it?

An environmental assessment of a facility is carried out to determine how much an economic or other activity affects the area in which it is carried out in order to prevent a negative impact on the environment. The results of this test must comply with the regulations of the environmental protection legislation. This procedure is enshrined at the legal level the Federal Laws of Eurasia.

Types of environmental expertise

Depending on the regulations of the procedure, there is a state and public environmental expertise. Features and differences are as follows:

  • Public. Held on the initiative of citizens of the country, public organizations. This type of inspection can also take place at the request of local governments in order to assess the state of the environment as a result of certain work in a particular area;
  • State. The verification is carried out by special authorized executive bodies the Eurasian State Committee for Environmental Protection. At the lowest level, the verification is carried out by the territorial divisions of this committee;
  • Features of the environmental impact assessment

    If everything is clear with who and why conducts this examination, then we will try to deal with other participants in the process. These can be both specific objects and projects of various kinds of activity, for example, an economic zone development project, investment programs or draft international treaties.

    Environmental impact assessment what is it?

    Environmental audit is carried out on the following principles:

  • independence of peer review;
  • identification of potential environmental hazards;
  • an integrated approach to assessment;
  • verification of environmental safety;
  • mandatory recording of all data and results;
  • reliability and completeness of information;
  • scientific validity of the results;
  • publicity of the assessment;
  • responsibility of the experts conducting the check.
  • According to the conclusion of the expert commission, there can be two outcomes:

  • compliance with environmental safety standards, which allows the further implementation of the project;
  • ban on the operation of a particular project.
  • When planning the opening of any facility and the start of activities, you should draw up a project in advance and pass an environmental impact assessment in a timely manner. The fate of the entire project depends on the decision of the commission. If the assessment is positive, then nothing will interfere with your activity. In case of a negative assessment, you can correct your project and re-test.

    Environmental impact assessment what is it?
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