Environmental pollution by enterprises

Industrial enterprises benefit the economy of many countries, but the environment is harmed. To date, the following industries have a negative impact on the environment:

  • metallurgical;
  • petrochemical;
  • engineering;
  • chemical.
  • As a result of the operation of these facilities, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, ash and toxic gases are released into the atmosphere. These elements, first of all, pollute the atmosphere, as well as soil and water, affect the flora and fauna.

    Pollution by metallurgical enterprises

    Experts believe that among all enterprises the most pollution comes from ferrous and nonferrous plants. As a result of their activities, emissions of harmful substances enter the air. Metallurgical enterprises drop a large amount of wastewater into reservoirs. To reduce the negative impact of plants on the environment, they need cleansing structures. The old ones need to be replaced with new ones, and use them at full power.

    Pollution of chemical industries

    Chemical enterprises, based on the name, cause direct damage to the environment. In the process, rubber, various acids, dyes, polymers and other substances are used in the process. They distinguish harmful elements that are released into the atmosphere and washed off with water. During the production of some chemicals and materials, not only synthetic, but also natural resources are used. When interacting, raw materials of a natural nature are contaminated with other substances.

    At chemical and petrochemical enterprises, the following substances enter the environment:

  • nitrogen oxides;
  • carbon dioxide;
  • sulfur dioxide;
  • various gases.
  • Surface waters are polluted with formaldehydes and phenols, methanol and various heavy metals, chlorides and nitrogen, benzene and hydrogen sulfide.

    The results of environmental pollution by industrial enterprises

    While working, industrial enterprises produce a lot of useful products, ranging from dishes and household utensils to cars, ships and aircraft. For the manufacture of certain items, a large amount of resources is required. During their processing, a large amount of waste is generated. They need to be well reviewed, since some can be recycled. Using a rational approach to nature management, it is possible to significantly reduce environmental pollution by industrial enterprises.

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