Environmental problem of natural resources

The main problem is the exhaustion of natural resources. There are minerals in nature, which do not restore, restore slowly or quickly. And as a rule, the most valuable resources that people use are not restored, but no one thinks about what we will do when we exhaust the reserves of oil, natural gas, coal. Despite the fact that we still have enough oil and coal reserves, they will not have enough further generations. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to unbearable energy resources, such as the energy of the wind, water, and the sun. Inventors have already developed a number of equipment that will help to use these sources for both personal and industrial use.

Destruction of the earth and trees

Soil and forest belong to those natural resources that are restored slowly. A layer of earth suffers from human activity, water and wind erosion. At first, the fertility of the soil is understood, and then it can completely spray. The problem of earthquakes gives rise to the problem of the existence of representatives of the flora and fauna. An animals will not have enough power sources, and in order to detect new resources, they will have to move, but many will be on the verge of extinction.

Environmental problem of natural resources

As for the forest, intensive deforestation for the use of wood, the liberation of new territories for industry and agriculture leads to the disappearance of plants and animals. It also weakens the soil, desertification occurs. The destruction of trees also leads to the fact that there are not enough trees that purify the air of carbon dioxide. In turn, this enhances the greenhouse effect, destroys the ozone layer.

Environmental problem of natural resources

Destruction of flora and fauna

The above problems affect the fact that the populations of animals, plants are destroyed. However, people take an active part in reducing the populations of animals, and not only for the sake of food. So many animals became victims for the sake of fur and skin, relics, such as ivory and rhino horns. Some species, especially rare ones become trophies of hunters, for example, hunting for lions. There are less and less fish in reservoirs, it is caught in a huge amount.

Thus, such natural resources as minerals, water, forest, land, animals and plants are destroyed during people’s activities. And it is not always justified. If people continue to live, soon our planet will be so exhausted that we will not have any resources for life.

Environmental problem of natural resources
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