Environmental problems of Africa and ways to solve them

In Africa there are 55 states and 37 large cities.  These include Cairo, Luanda and Lagos.

This continent, which is considered to be the 2nd largest on the planet, is located in the tropical belt, so it is believed that it is the hottest on the planet. African population, about 1 billion, lives both in tropical forests and desert zones.

In states, not only the protection of the environment, but also the research and introduction of the latest scientific processes, the reduction of adverse emissions into the atmosphere, the reduction of discharges into the sewer, and the elimination of harmful chemicals.residues.

Environmental problems are determined not by the proper use of nature resources, namely their unreasonable exploitation, overpopulation of states, low level of income of the population and unemployment, as the natural environment is degraded.

Global and specific problems

First of all, there are 2 types of problems global and specific. The first form includes pollution of the atmosphere by harmful waste, the chemicalization of the environment, etc.P.

The second type includes the following characteristic problems:

  • colonial history;
  • the location of the continent in the tropical and equatorial belt (the population could not apply the methods and methods of strengthening the ecological balance already known in the world);
  • stable and wellpaid demand for resources;
  • slow development of scientific and technological processes;
  • very low specialization of the population;
  • increased birth rate, which leads to adverse sanitary conditions;
  • Poverty of the population.
  • Threats of Africa ecology

    In addition to the above problems of Africa, experts pay special attention to the following threats

    1. Carriage of tropical forests is a danger to Africa. Representatives of the West come to this continent for highquality wood, so the area of ​​tropical forests has significantly reduced. If you continue to cut trees, the African population will be left without fuel.
    2. Due to deforestation and completely irrational methods of farming, desertification occurs on this continent.
    3. The rapid depletion of the soil of Africa, which occurs due to ineffective agricultural methods and the use of chemicals.
    4. Fauna and Flora of Africa are under a great threat, due to a significant reduction in habitats. Many rare species of animals are on the verge of extinction.
    5. Irrational use of water during irrigation, ineffective distribution in the area and much more leads to a lack of water on this continent.
    6. Increased air pollution due to the developed industry and a large number of emissions into the atmosphere, as well as the lack of air treatment.
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