Environmental problems of Antarctica briefly and ways to solve them

Antarctica is located in the southern hemisphere, and is divided between different states. On the territory of the mainland, scientific research is mainly conducted, but living conditions are not suitable. The soil of the continent is continuous glaciers and snow deserts. The amazing world of flora and fauna was formed here, but human intervention led to environmental problems.

The problem of melting glaciers

One of the largest ecoproblem Antarctica is the melting of glaciers. This is due to global warming. The air temperature on the mainland is constantly increasing. In places in the summer, there is a complete part of ice. This leads to the fact that animals have to adapt to live in new weather and climatic conditions.

Environmental problems of Antarctica briefly and ways to solve them

The melting of the glaciers occurs unevenly, some glaciers suffer less, others more. For example, the Larsen Glacier lost part of his mass, since several icebergs that headed for the Wedell Sea broke away from him.

Ozone hole over Antarctica

There is an ozone hole above Antarctica. This is dangerous in that the ozone layer does not protect the surface from solar radiation, the air temperature heats up stronger and the problem of global warming becomes even more relevant. Ozone holes also contribute to an increase in cancer, lead to the death of marine animals and the death of plants.

Environmental problems of Antarctica briefly and ways to solve them

According to the latest studies of scientists, the ozone hole gradually began to drag on over Antarctica, and maybe in decades will disappear. If people do not carry out actions in order to restore the ozone layer, and will continue to contribute to atmospheric pollution, then the ozone hole over the ice continent may increase again.

The problem of the biosphere pollution

As soon as people appeared for the first time on the mainland, they brought garbage with them, and every time people leave behind a huge amount of waste here. Now many scientific stations are operating on the territory of Antarctica. Various modes of transport are delivered to them and equipment, whose fuel oil and fuel oil pollute the biosphere. Also, whole dumps of garbage and waste are formed here, which need to be disposed of.

Not all environmental problems of the coldest continent of the Earth are listed. Despite the fact that there are no cities, cars, factories and a large number of people, anthropogenic activities and in this part of the world caused great damage to the environment.

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