Environmental problems of China and ways to solve them briefly

The state of ecology in China is very complex, and the problems of this country affect the state of the environment around the world. Here, water bodies are very polluted and soils are degrading, there is severe air pollution and the territory of forests is shrinking, and there is not enough drinking water.

Air pollution problem

China’s biggest problem is poisonous smog that pollutes the atmosphere, experts say. The main source is the emission of carbon dioxide, which is emitted by the country’s thermal power plants operating on coal. In addition, the air condition is deteriorating due to the use of vehicles. The following compounds and substances are regularly released into the atmosphere:

  • carbon dioxide;
  • methane;
  • sulfur;
  • phenols;
  • heavy metals.
  • The greenhouse effect in the country, which occurs due to smog, contributes to global warming.

    The problem of hydrosphere pollution

    In the country, the most polluted water bodies are the Yellow River, the Yellow River, the Songhua River and the Yangtze, as well as Lake Tai. 75% of Chinese rivers are believed to be heavily polluted. Groundwater is not in the best condition either: its pollution is 90%. Sources of pollution:

  • municipal solid waste;
  • municipal and industrial drains;
  • oil products;
  • chemicals (mercury, phenols, arsenic).
  • The volume of untreated sewage discharged into the waters of the country is estimated at billions of tons. From this it becomes clear that such water resources are not suitable not only for drinking, but also for domestic use. In this regard, another environmental problem appears the lack of drinking water. In addition, people who drink dirty water get serious illnesses, and in some cases, poisoned water leads to death.

    Environmental problems of China and ways to solve them briefly

    Consequences of pollution of the biosphere

    Any kind of pollution, lack of drinking water and food, low standard of living, as well as other factors, lead to the fact that the population of the country is deteriorating health. A large number of Chinese suffer from cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The cliches of various influenza viruses, for example, birds, are also of great danger.

    Thus, China is the country whose ecology is in a catastrophic state. Some say that the situation here is reminiscent of a nuclear winter, others say that there are “cancer villages” here, and still others recommend that, once in the Middle Kingdom, never drink tap water. In this state, drastic measures must be taken to reduce the negative impact on the environment, clean up and conserve natural resources.

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