Environmental problems of economic activity

In the twentieth century, the world has changed dramatically due to the vigorous activity of people. Like other areas, the economic sphere also developed. All this significantly affected the deterioration of the ecology of our planet, gave rise to many global environmental problems, including climate change.

Biosphere pollution

Economic activity gives rise to such a global problem as pollution of the biosphere:

Environmental problems of economic activity
  • physical pollution. Radioactive contamination occurs during accidents at nuclear power plants, the creation of radioactive waste disposal sites, due to the testing of nuclear weapons. It also leads to noise and heat pollution. Physical pollution not only pollutes the air, water, soil, but also leads to serious diseases of people and animals;
  • chemical pollution. It occurs due to the use of pesticides, oil spills, hazardous and toxic chemicals, heavy metals and plastics. Every year, thousands and millions of tons of harmful substances are released into the atmosphere, water, leading to diseases and death of representatives of flora and fauna;
  • biological pollution. Occurs due to the flow of water industrial, domestic, agricultural into clean water bodies. Also, microorganisms penetrate the ground in landfills. Another threat to nature is the results of genetic engineering, which is harmful to both people and animals;
  • So the economic activity of people leads to pollution of land, water and air.
  • Consequences of economic activity

    Harmful activities cause many environmental problems. One of the current problems is the lack of fresh water. The fact is that almost no one cleans wastewater before draining it into reservoirs. This leads not only to the death of river and marine inhabitants, but also to a change in the chemical composition of water, deterioration of its properties, the emergence of “dead zones” where not a single microorganism survives. Reservoirs lose the ability to self-purify. All this leads to the fact that the water becomes so dirty that it is not suitable for drinking.

    Environmental problems of economic activity

    Pollution of the lithosphere leads to the fact that the fertility of the earth is deteriorating, soil-forming processes are disturbed. This can lead to food shortages and also cause various deadly diseases. In addition, economic activity leads to the depletion of natural resources. Also, people increase economic areas due to deforestation, drainage of water bodies, which leads to the death of flora and fauna, the emergence of environmental refugees. If people do not begin to control their activities, they will destroy not only nature, but also themselves.

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