Environmental problems of energy

In the modern world, the need for people to use energy resources is increasing. At the moment, the following types of sources of the energy industry are being operated:

  • organic fuel coal, gas;
  • water;
  • atomic nucleus.
  • Nuclear energy and water energy is converted into electricity, supplied to the population for the life support of settlements. Energy is released through the combustion process. In this case, combustion products are released into the atmosphere, which worsens the ecology of the area.

    How energy affects the environment?

    In general, the energy industry has a positive effect on the economy. As for the environment, energy affects it negatively:

  • contributes to climate change;
  • there is a change in the hydrological regime of rivers;
  • pollution of the waters of the oceans with chemicals;
  • affects the occurrence of acid rain;
  • the atmosphere is polluted with gases, dust, harmful emissions;
  • a greenhouse effect is formed;
  • radioactive and chemical contamination of the lithosphere occurs;
  • non-renewable natural resources are depleted.
  • Among other problems of the energy industry, the insecurity of the equipment of various types of power plants, whether thermal or nuclear, is significant. The use of, for example, nuclear reactors threatens the existence of all mankind. So the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 was just a small example of how energy is detrimental to all life in the district. A more unfortunate scenario is quite likely in the event of an explosion of any nuclear power plant. It is worth emphasizing that it is not always timely to replace old equipment with new one. There is also the problem of disposal of radioactive waste, since they need to be isolated and stored securely, which requires huge financial waste.

    Environmental problems of energy


    Perhaps it is fair to say that not only the human lives of people living near an energy sector facility, but also all people on the planet, the state of the environment as a whole depend on the attentiveness, competence and skill of employees of thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants. It is necessary to develop alternative energy sources, the use of which will be safer than the power plants currently used. It is also required to carry out informational notification of the population in order to convince people to use electrical appliances in an economical mode, which will significantly save energy resources. In this regard, the solution of energy problems will affect the solution of the main environmental problems of the planet.

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