Environmental problems of household and industrial waste of the city

Industrial and household waste, waste is a global environmental problem of our time, which poses a threat to human health, and also pollutes the environment. Rotting waste particles are a breeding ground for germs that cause infections and diseases. Previously, the presence of human waste was not an acute problem, since garbage and various substances were processed naturally in natural conditions. But now humanity has invented such materials that have a long decomposition period and are naturally recycled for several hundred years. But it’s not only that. The amount of waste over the past decades has become incredibly huge. The average resident of a metropolis annually produces from 500 to 1000 kilograms of garbage and waste.

Waste can be liquid or solid. Depending on their origin, they have a different level of danger to the environment.

Waste types

  • household human waste;
  • construction the remains of building materials, garbage;
  • industrial the remains of raw materials and harmful substances;
  • agricultural fertilizers, feed, spoiled products;
  • radioactive harmful materials and substances.
  • Solving the Waste Problem

    To reduce the amount of waste, it is possible to recycle waste and produce recyclable materials suitable for subsequent use in industry. There is a whole industry of waste processing and waste incineration plants that recycle and dispose of garbage and waste from the urban population.

    People from different countries invent all kinds of use of processed raw materials. For example, out of 10 kilograms of plastic waste, 5 liters of fuel can be obtained. It is very efficient to collect the used paper products and hand over waste paper. This will reduce the number of cut down trees. Successful use of paper recyclables is the manufacture of thermal insulation material, which is used as a heater in a dwelling.

    The proper collection and transportation of waste will significantly improve the state of the environment. Industrial waste should be disposed of and removed to special places by the enterprises themselves. Household waste is collected in cameras and boxes, and then taken out by garbage trucks beyond the line of settlements to the place specially designated for waste. Only an effective strategy for solving waste problems that the state controls will help maintain the environment.

    Environmental problems of waste: social video

    Disfision of garbage and waste

    If you think that a fleetingly thrown out piece of paper, a plastic bag or a plastic cup will not cause any harm to our planet, you are deeply mistaken. In order not to tire you with arguments, we just give numbers the expansion time of specific materials:

  • newspaper paper and cardboard 3 months;
  • Paper for documents 3 years;
  • Wooden boards, shoes and tin banks 10 years;
  • iron details 20 years;
  • chewing gum 30 years;
  • batteries for cars 100 years;
  • Polyethylene bags-100-200 years;
  • batteries 110 years;
  • tires from cars 140 years;
  • Plastic bottles 200 years;
  • disposable diapers for children-300-500 years;
  • aluminum banks 500 years;
  • Glass products more than 1000 years.
  • Secondary use of materials

    The above numbers make you think about a lot. For example, that using innovative technologies, it is possible to use recyclable materials both in production and in everyday life. Not all enterprises send waste for processing due to the fact that equipment is needed for their transportation, and these are additional costs. However, this issue cannot be left open. Experts believe that enterprises should be subject to high taxes and heavy fines for improper disposal or willful disposal of garbage and waste.

    As in the city, and at work, you need to sort garbage:

  • paper;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • metal.
  • This will speed up and facilitate the procedure for disposal and recycling of waste. So from metals you can make parts and spare parts. Some products are made from aluminum, and in this case, a smaller amount of energy resources is used than when extracting aluminum from ore. Textile elements are used to improve paper density. Used tires can be recycled and made into some rubber products. Recycled glass suitable for the production of new products. Compost is made from food waste to fertilize plants. Locks, zippers, hooks, buttons, locks are removed from clothing, which can be reused later.

    The problem of garbage and waste has reached global proportions. However, experts find ways to solve them. To significantly improve the situation, each person can collect, sort garbage, and take it to special collection points. All is not lost, so we need to act today. In addition, you can find new uses for old things, and this will be the best solution to this problem.

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