Environmental problems of soil pollution and ways to solve them

land degradation

Regular farming, growing crops leads to land degradation. Fertile soil turns into a desert, which leads to the death of human civilizations. Soil depletion occurs gradually and is caused by the following actions:

  • abundant irrigation contributes to soil salinization;
  • loss of organic matter due to insufficient fertilizers;
  • excessive use of pesticides and agrochemicals;
  • irrational use of sown areas;
  • unsystematic grazing;
  • wind and water erosion due to deforestation.
  • Soil takes a long time to form and regenerates very slowly. In places where cattle graze, plants are eaten away and die, and rainwater erodes the soil. As a result, deep holes and ravines can form. To slow down and stop this process, it is necessary to relocate people and animals to other areas and plant a forest.

    Soil pollution

    In addition to the problem of erosion and depletion as a result of agriculture, there is another problem. This is soil pollution from various sources:

  • industrial waste;
  • spill of oil products;
  • mineral fertilizers;
  • transport waste;
  • construction of roads, transport hubs;
  • urbanization processes.
  • This and much more causes soil destruction. If anthropogenic activity is not controlled, then most of the territories will turn into deserts and semi-deserts. The soil will lose fertility, plants will die out, animals and people will die.

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