Environmental problems of South America in tables

In South America, there are many environmental problems caused by technological progress and economic development. Forests are being destroyed and water bodies are being polluted, biodiversity is being reduced and soil is being depleted, the atmosphere is being polluted and wildlife areas are shrinking. All this can lead to an ecological catastrophe in the future.
In the cities of South American countries, environmental problems of the following nature have formed:

  • the problem of unsanitary conditions;
  • water pollution;
  • the problem of garbage and municipal solid waste disposal;
  • air pollution;
  • the problem of energy resources, etc. P.
  • Deforestation problem

    A significant part of the mainland is covered with tropical forests, which are the lungs of the planet. Trees are constantly cut down not only to sell timber, but also to create farmland and pastures. All this leads to a change in the forest ecosystem, the destruction of some species of flora and the migration of fauna. To save the forest, many countries regulate logging activities at the legislative level. There are entire zones where cutting down trees is prohibited, forests are being restored and new trees are being planted.

    Problems of the hydrosphere

    There are many problems in the coastal areas of the seas and oceans:

  • overfishing;
  • water pollution with garbage, oil products and chemicals;
  • housing and communal and industrial effluents.
  • All these wastes negatively affect the state of water bodies, flora and fauna.

    Environmental problems of South America in tables

    In addition, many rivers flow through the mainland, including the largest river in the world the Amazon. The rivers of South America are also affected by human activities. Many species of fish and animals are disappearing in the waters. The life of local tribes, who have lived on the banks of rivers for millennia, has also become very complicated, they are forced to look for new habitats. Dams and various structures have led to changes in river regimes and water pollution.

    Environmental problems of South America in tables

    Biosphere pollution

    The source of air pollution are greenhouse gases emitted by vehicles and industries:

  • mines and deposits;
  • enterprises of the chemical industry;
  • oil refineries;
  • energy facilities;
  • metallurgical plants.
  • Soil pollution contributes to agriculture, which uses pesticides, chemical and mineral fertilizers. The soil is also depleted, which leads to soil degradation. Land resources are being destroyed.

    Environmental problems of South America in tables
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