Environmental problems of the Aral Sea: what is the reason for the eruption

Modern reservoirs have many environmental problems. Experts say that many seas are in a difficult ecological state. But the Aral Sea is in a catastrophic state and may soon disappear. The most acute of the problems of the water area is a significant loss of water. For fifty years, the area of ​​the reservoir has decreased by more than 6 times as a result of uncontrolled reclamation. A huge number of species of flora and fauna died. Biological diversity is not something that has decreased, but we should talk about the absence of fish productivity at all. All these factors lead to the only conclusion: the death of the ecosystem of the Aral Sea.

The reasons for the drying of the Aral Sea

Since ancient times, this sea has been the center of people’s life. Rivers of Syr Darya and Amu Darya filled Aral water with water. But in the last century, irrigation structures were built, and the water of the rivers began to be used to irrigate agricultural territories. Reservoirs and channels were also created, for which water resources were also spent. As a result, a much smaller amount of water was received in the Aral Sea. Thus, the water level in the water area began to fall sharply, the sea area decreased, many marine inhabitants died.

Water loss and reduction in the area of ​​the water surface is not the only problem. She only stimulated the development of everyone else. So the unified space of the sea was divided into two water bodies. The salinity of water increased three times. Since the fish are dying out, people have stopped fishing. The region lacks drinking water due to the fact that the wells and lakes that fed the waters of the sea have dried up. Also, part of the bottom of the reservoir dried up and became covered with sand.

Solving the problems of the Aral Sea

Is there a chance to save the Aral Sea? If you hurry it’s possible. For this, a dam was built, separating two reservoirs. The Small Aral is being filled with water from the Syr Darya and the water level has already risen by 42 meters, salinity has decreased. This made it possible to start farming fish. Accordingly, there is a chance to restore the flora and fauna of the sea. These actions give hope to the local population that the entire territory of the Aral Sea will be brought back to life.

In general, the revival of the Aral Sea ecosystem is a very difficult task, requiring significant efforts and financial investments, as well as state control, the help of ordinary people. The environmental problems of this water area are known to the general public and this topic is periodically covered both in the media and discussed in scientific circles. But to date, not enough has been done to save the Aral Sea.

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