Environmental problems of the Arctic and ways to solve them

Although the Arctic is located in the north and is mainly engaged in research activities, there are some environmental problems here. These are pollution and poaching, shipping and mining. Climate change adversely affects the ecosystem.

The problem of global warming

In the northern cold regions of the earth, climatic changes are most pronounced, resulting in the destruction of the natural environment. Due to the constant increase in air temperature, the area and thickness of ice and glaciers are shrinking. Experts predict that by 2030 the ice cover in the Arctic in the summer may completely disappear.

The danger of melting glaciers is due to the following consequences:

  • the water level in the water areas increases;
  • the ice will not be able to reflect the sun’s rays, which will lead to the rapid heating of the seas;
  • animals accustomed to the Arctic climate will die out;
  • greenhouse gases frozen in the ice will enter the atmosphere.
  • oil pollution

    In the physical and geographical region of the Earth in the Arctic, oil is produced, since the largest oil and gas complex is located here. During the development, extraction and transportation of this mineral, the environment is harmed, which leads to the following consequences:

    Environmental problems of the Arctic and ways to solve them
  • landscape degradation;
  • water pollution;
  • atmospheric pollution;
  • climate change.
  • Experts have discovered a lot of places contaminated with oil. Soil is polluted in places where pipelines are damaged. In the Kara, Barents, Laptev and White seas, the level of oil pollution exceeds the norm by 3 times. During mining, accidents and liquid spills often occur, which damages the flora and fauna of the Arctic ecosystem.

    industrial pollution

    In addition to the fact that the region is polluted with oil products, the biosphere is polluted with heavy metals, organic and radioactive substances. In addition, vehicles emitting exhaust gases have a negative impact.

    Environmental problems of the Arctic and ways to solve them

    Due to the active development of the Arctic by people, many environmental problems have appeared in this part of the planet, and only the main ones are listed above. An equally urgent problem is the reduction of biodiversity, since anthropogenic activities have affected the decrease in the areas of flora and fauna. If you do not change the nature of activities and do not carry out environmental actions, then the Arctic for people will be lost forever.

    Environmental problems of the Arctic and ways to solve them
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