Environmental problems of the Arctic deserts of Eurasia and the world

The ecosystem of the Arctic is fragile, but the state of the environment of the Arctic deserts affects the climate of the entire planet, so when any problems occur here, people in various parts of the planet can feel them on themselves. The environmental problems of the Arctic deserts postpone the print on the environment as a whole.

Main problems

Recently, the zone of Arctic deserts undergoes global changes due to anthropogenic influence. This gave rise to the following environmental problems of the Arctic:

  • Melting ice. The temperature rises every year, the climate changes and the territory of the glaciers is reduced, so the natural zone of the Arctic deserts is actively reduced, which can lead to its absolute disappearance, extinction of many types of flora and fauna
  • Air pollution. The air masses of the Arctic are contaminated, which contributes to the loss of acid rains and the appearance of ozone holes. This has a negative impact on the vital activity of organisms. Another source of pollution of the atmosphere of Arctic deserts is the transport that operates here, especially during mining
  • Pollution of the Arctic waters with oil products, heavy metals, toxic substances, waste of coastal military bases and vessels. All this destroys the ecosystem of the Arctic deserts
  • Reduction of animal and bird populations. The reduction of biodiversity is due to the active activity of a person, shipping, pollution of water and air
  • Active fishing and mining of seafood leads to the fact that different representatives of the animal world lack fish and small plankton for food, and they die from hunger. This also leads to the disappearance of some species of fish
  • Changing the habitat of various organisms. The appearance of a person in the open spaces of the Arctic deserts, the active development and use of this ecosystem leads to the fact that the living conditions of many species of the animal world are changing. Some representatives are forced to change their habitats, choose safer and wild shelters. The food chain is also disturbed
  • With this list the number of environmental problems of the zone of Arctic deserts is not limited. These are the main global ecoproblems, but there are a number of secondary, local, no less dangerous. People are obliged to control their activities and not destroy the nature of the Arctic, but to help restore it. In the end, all the problems of the Arctic deserts negatively affect the climate of the entire planet.

    The protection of the nature of the Arctic deserts

    Since the ecosystem of the Arctic deserts has experienced the negative impact of people, it needs to be protected. Engaged in improving the state of the Arctic, the ecology of all the Earth will improve significantly.

    Among the most important measures to preserve nature should be called the following:

  • the formation of a special mode of use of natural resources;
  • monitoring of the state of pollution of the ecosystem;
  • restoration of landscapes;
  • creation of natural reserves;
  • recycling;
  • security measures;
  • an increase in animal and bird populations;
  • Control of industrial catching fish and poaching activities on land.
  • These measures are carried out not only by ecologists, but also controlled by the state, special programs are being developed by authorities of different countries. In addition, there is a group of instant response, which acts in various accidents, disasters, both natural and anthropogenic in nature, to eliminate the focus of ecoprolays on time.

    Work on the protection of the ecosystem of the Arctic

    Of particular importance for the preservation of the nature of the Arctic deserts is international cooperation. It intensified in the early 1990s. So some countries of North America and Northern Europe began to work together to protect the ecosystem of the Arctic. In 1990. To this end, the International Arctic Scientific Committee was founded, and in 1991. Northern Forum. Since then, strategies for the protection of the Arctic region have been developed, both the waters and sushi.

    In addition to these organizations, there is also a financial corporation, which provides monetary support to the countries of Eastern and Central Europe to solve their environmental problems. There are associations of several countries that are engaged in solving a particular problem:

  • preservation of the population of white bears;
  • the fight against the pollution of the Chukchi Sea;
  • Bering Sea;
  • Office of the use of resources of the Arctic region.
  • Since the territory of the Arctic deserts is a region that significantly affects the climate of the Earth, it is necessary to take care of maintaining this ecosystem. And this is not only a struggle to increase the number of animals, birds and fish. The complex of environmental measures includes the cleansing of the water area, atmosphere, reduce the use of resources, control the activities of certain enterprises and other facilities. Life on the territory of the Arctic depends on this, and, consequently, the climate of the planet.

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