Environmental problems of the Barents Sea in brief

Between the server pole and Norway is the Barents Sea. On its territory there are a huge number of islands, some of which are combined into groups. Partially the water surface is covered by glaciers. The climate of the water area depends on weather conditions and the environment. Experts consider the Barents Sea special and very clean. This is facilitated by resistance to anthropogenic influence, which makes the resources of the sea more in demand.

Poaching problem

The main environmental problem in this area is poaching. Since sea bass and herring, haddock and catfish, cod, flounder, halibut are found here, there is a regular and uncontrolled catching of fish. Fishermen exterminate a huge number of populations, preventing nature from regenerating resources. By catching a certain type of fauna, the whole food chain, up to predators, can suffer. To combat poachers, the states, whose shores are washed by the Barents Sea, adopt laws to punish pests. Environmentalists say more drastic and harsh measures are needed.

Environmental problems of the Barents Sea in brief

Oil production problem

The Barents Sea has huge reserves of oil and natural gas. Their extraction takes place with considerable effort, but is not always successful. These can be both minor leaks and oil spills over a vast area of ​​the water surface. Even high-tech and expensive equipment does not guarantee an absolutely safe way to extract oil.

Environmental problems of the Barents Sea in brief

In this regard, there are various organizations of environmentalists whose members are actively fighting the problem of oil spills and leaks. In the event of this problem, oil slicks must be removed quickly to reduce damage to nature.

The problem of oil pollution in the waters of the Barents Sea is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to remove oil in the Arctic zone of the ecosystem. At low temperatures, this substance decomposes very slowly. Despite timely mechanical cleaning, oil flows into the ice, so it is almost impossible to eliminate it, you need to wait for this glacier to melt.

Environmental problems of the Barents Sea in brief

The Barents Sea is a unique ecosystem, a special world that needs to be preserved and protected from the harmful influence and interference of people. Compared to the pollution of other seas, it has suffered less. However, the damage that has already been done to the nature of the water area must be eliminated.

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