Environmental problems of the Crimea briefly and ways to solve them

In the Crimea, unique landscapes and unique nature, but due to the active activity of people of the ecology of the peninsula, is done huge harm, air, water, earth, biodiversity is contaminated, the areas of the flora and fauna are reduced.

Soil degradation issues

A fairly large part of the Crimean peninsula is occupied by steppes, but in the course of their economic development, more and more territories are used for agricultural land and pastures for livestock. All this leads to the following consequences:

  • soil salinization;
  • soil erosion;
  • Reduced fertility.
  • The creation of a system of water channels also contributed to the change in land resources. Some areas began to receive excess moisture, and therefore the process of waterlogging of the earth occurs. The use of pesticides and agrochemicals that pollute the soil, which pollute the soil, is negatively affected by the soil and underground waters.

    Environmental problems of the Crimea briefly and ways to solve them

    Problems of the seas

    Crimea is washed by the Azov and Black Seas. These water areas also have a number of environmental problems:

  • water pollution by oil products;
  • water eutrophication;
  • reduction in species diversity;
  • dumping of household and industrial drains and garbage;
  • alien species of flora and fauna appear in water bodies.
  • It should be noted that the coast is heavily overloaded with tourist and infrastructure facilities, which gradually leads to the destruction of the coast. Also, people do not comply with the rules for the use of the seas, deplete the ecosystem.

    The problem of garbage and waste

    As in different parts of the world, in Crimea there is a huge problem of municipal solid waste and garbage, as well as industrial waste and dirty sewage. Everyone litters here: both city dwellers and tourists. Virtually no one cares about the purity of nature. But the garbage that gets into the water is the death of animals. Abandoned plastic, polyethylene, glass, diapers and other waste have been recycled in nature for hundreds of years. Thus, soon the resort will turn into a big dump.

    Poaching problem

    Many species of wild animals live in Crimea, and some of them are rare and listed in the Red Book. Unfortunately, poachers hunt them for profit. This is how the populations of animals and birds are reduced, while illegal hunters catch and kill animals at any time of the year, even when they breed.

    Far from all the environmental problems of Crimea are stated above. In order to preserve the nature of the peninsula, people need to strongly reconsider their actions, make changes in the economy and carry out environmental actions.

    Environmental problems of the Crimea briefly and ways to solve them
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