Environmental problems of the hydrosphere solutions in brief

The hydrosphere is all the water resources that are on the planet, divided into the World Ocean, underground and surface continental waters. It consists of the following sources:

  • Rivers and lakes;
  • The groundwater;
  • glaciers;
  • atmospheric steam;
  • seas and oceans.
  • Water comes in three physical states, and the transition from a liquid state to a solid or gaseous state, and vice versa, is called the water cycle in nature. This cycle affects weather and climate conditions.

    The problem of water pollution

    Water is the source of life for all life on the planet, including humans, animals, plants, and is also involved in various physical, chemical and biological processes. Due to the fact that mankind uses water in almost all spheres of life, the state of these natural resources has deteriorated significantly at the moment.

    One of the most important problems of the hydrosphere is pollution. Scientists distinguish the following types of pollution of the water shell:

  • organic;
  • chemical;
  • mechanical or physical;
  • biological;
  • thermal;
  • radioactive;
  • superficial.
  • It is difficult to say which type of pollution is more dangerous, all are harmful to varying degrees, although, in our opinion, the greatest damage is caused by radioactive and chemical pollution. The largest sources of pollution are considered to be oil products and municipal solid waste, domestic and industrial effluents. Also, chemical compounds released into the atmosphere and deposited along with precipitation get into the water.

    Drinking water problem

    There are large reserves of water on our planet, but not all of it is suitable for people to drink. Only 2% of the world’s water resources are fresh water that can be drunk, since 98% is very salty water. At the moment, rivers, lakes and other sources of drinking water are heavily polluted, and even multi-level purification, which is not always practiced, does not save the situation much. In addition, water resources are unevenly divided on the planet, and water canal systems are not developed everywhere, so there are arid regions of the earth where water is more valuable than gold. There, people die of dehydration, especially children, since the problem of drinking water shortage is considered relevant and global today. Also, the use of dirty water, poorly purified, leads to various diseases, some of them even lead to death.

    Environmental problems of the hydrosphere solutions in brief

    If we do not take care to reduce the level of pollution of the hydrosphere and do not start cleaning water bodies, then some people will be poisoned by dirty water, while others will simply dry up without it.

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