Environmental problems of the Laptev Sea

The Laptev Sea is located in the North-Loosty Ocean, which affected the ecology of this water area. It has the status of the outskirts of the sea. A huge number of islands are located on its territory, both separately and in groups. As for the relief, the sea is located on the territory of the mainland slope, on a small ocean bed and in the area of ​​the shelf, and the nature of the bottom is the plain. There are several hills and hollows. Even in comparison with other Arctic seas, the climate of the Laptev Sea is very harsh.

Water pollution

The largest environmental problem of the Laptev Sea is water pollution. As a result, the structure and composition of water changes. This worsens the living conditions of marine flora and fauna, entire populations of fish and other inhabitants die out. All this can lead to a reduction in the biodiversity of the hydrosystem, the extinction of representatives of entire food chains.

The water of the sea becomes dirty because of the rivers Anabar, Lena, Yana, etc. In the territories where they flow, mines, factories, factories and other industrial enterprises are located. They use water in their work and then wash it down into rivers. So reservoirs are saturated with phenols, heavy metals (zinc, copper) and other dangerous compounds. Wastewater is also dumped into the rivers, garbage.

oil pollution

Near the Laptev Sea there is an oil field. Although the extraction of this resource is carried out by specialists using high-tech equipment, leaks are regular phenomena that are not so easy to deal with. Spilled oil must be eliminated immediately, as it can get into the water and land, leading to death.

Oil producing enterprises should organize their work in the best way. In the event of an accident, they are obliged to eliminate the oil slick in a few minutes. The preservation of nature will depend on this.

Other types of pollution

People actively use trees, the remains of which are washed into rivers, reach the sea. Wood decomposes slowly and causes significant damage to nature. The waters of the sea are full of floating trees, as timber rafting was actively practiced early.

The Laptev Sea has a special nature, which is constantly harmed by people. In order for the reservoir not to die, but to bring benefits, it must be cleaned of negative influences and substances. So far, the state of the sea is not critical, but this needs to be controlled and, in case of a danger of pollution, take radical actions.

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