Environmental problems of the South China Sea and ways to solve them

The South China Sea is located off the coast of Southeast Asia in the Pacific Ocean. Important sea routes pass through this water area, which is why the sea has become the most important geopolitical object. However, some countries should reconsider their policies regarding the South China Sea, because their activities negatively affect the ecosystem of the water area.

Artificial alteration of the sea

The ecological state of the South China Sea is deteriorating significantly, as some states intensively use its natural resources. So China plans to expand the territory of its country at the expense of the water area, claiming 85.7% of the water space. Artificial islands will be built in places where there are coral reefs and underground rocks. This worries the world community, and first of all, the Philippines filed claims against the PRC due to the following factors:

  • the threat of alteration and destruction of a significant part of the biodiversity of the sea;
  • destruction of more than 121 hectares of coral reefs;
  • changes can cause natural disasters that can kill millions of people living in the region;
  • the population of other countries will be without food, which they get from the sea.
  • The emergence of environmental refugees

    The South China Sea is the basis of life for most of the population that lives on its shores in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and China. Here people are engaged in fishing, thanks to which their families can survive. The sea literally feeds them.

    When it comes to reefs, corals are the basis for important pharmaceuticals. If the number of reefs in this area decreases, then the production of medicines will also decrease. Corals also attract ecotourists, and some local people have the opportunity to earn from the tourism business. If the reefs are destroyed, this will lead to the fact that they will be left without work, and, consequently, without a livelihood.

    Life on the coast is varied and hectic, thanks to marine phenomena. How coral reefs protect people from natural disasters. If corals are destroyed, then many people’s houses will be flooded, they will be left homeless. All these consequences will lead to two problems. The first is that the local population will simply have nowhere and nothing to live for, which will lead to the second problem the death of people.

    Other environmental issues

    All other environmental problems of the South China Sea are practically no different from the problems of other water areas:

  • industrial waste emissions;
  • agricultural waste pollution;
  • excessive catch of fish of an unauthorized nature;
  • the threat of pollution by oil products, which are deposited in the sea;
  • climate change;
  • Water deterioration and other.
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