Environmental problems of the White Sea briefly

The White Sea is a semi-isolated inland body of water that belongs to the Arctic Ocean basin. Its area is small, divided into two uneven parts southern and northern, connected by a strait. Despite the fact that the waters of the hydraulic system are very clean, the sea is still subject to anthropogenic influence, which in turn leads to pollution and environmental problems. So at the bottom of the reservoir there is a huge amount of coal slag that destroyed some types of marine flora.

Wood pollution in water

The woodworking industry negatively affected the ecosystem. Waste wood, sawdust were dumped and washed into the sea. They decompose very slowly and pollute the water. The bark rots and sinks to the bottom. In some places, the seabed is covered with waste at the level of two meters. This prevents fish from creating spawning grounds and laying eggs. In addition, the tree absorbs oxygen, which is so necessary for all marine life. Phenols and methyl alcohol are released into the water.

chemical pollution

The mining industry causes great damage to the White Sea ecosystem. Water is polluted with copper and nickel, lead and chromium, zinc and other compounds. These elements poison organisms and kill marine animals as well as algae, causing entire food chains to die. Acid rain damages the hydraulic system.

oil pollution

Many seas of the planet suffer from water pollution by oil products, including the White. Since oil is produced offshore, there are leaks. It covers the water surface with an oil film that does not allow oxygen to pass through. As a result, plants and animals under it suffocate and die. To avoid negative consequences, in the event of an emergency, leaks, spills, oil must be immediately eliminated.

The slow release of oil products into the water is a kind of time bomb. This type of pollution causes severe diseases of representatives of flora and fauna. The structure and composition of water also changes, dead zones are formed.

To preserve the ecosystem of the sea, it is necessary to reduce the impact of people on the reservoir, and wastewater must be cleaned regularly. Only well-coordinated and thoughtful actions of people will reduce the risk of negative impact on nature, help to keep the White Sea in its normal life mode.

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