Environmental problems of transport

The transport system, both of any settlement and of individual countries, gives rise to a number of medical, social and environmental problems. To date, the following types of transport are common:

  • automobile;
  • electric transport;
  • air transport;
  • navigable.
  • Thanks to transport, it became possible to move passengers and goods very quickly over long distances. Today you can reach even remote corners of the planet. The transport system has improved the condition of most settlements, both megacities and small villages. Transport allows you to build new tourist routes. Also, this system serves the industry, which increases the production rate. Thanks to transport, many problems are solved, and even saving human lives: ambulances, medical aviation.

    Environmental problems of transport

    Main negative factors

    From a safety point of view, any transport is dangerous for the environment, being the most important source of pollution. During the operation of cars, buses, harmful substances enter the atmosphere, smog is formed, the ozone layer is destroyed. The most dangerous substances emitted by modern modes of transport are carbon monoxide, dioxins, carbon monoxide, benzopyrene, nitrogen oxides, lead compounds. When harmful substances enter the atmosphere, they enter the lungs and blood of people, contribute to the development of various diseases, including cancer and infertility. Inhaling dirty air during pregnancy can lead to pathologies.

    The transport system becomes the cause of another environmental problem the depletion of natural resources such as hydrocarbons, metals and metal ores. Washing of various modes of transport pollutes water bodies. In addition, regular disposal of used transport consumables is required: tires, batteries, scrap metal, plastic, household waste. In addition to atmospheric, hydrological and lithospheric pollution, transport emits noise pollution.

    Environmental problems of transport

    Which transport is the most harmful to the environment

    If we talk about the amount of harm to a particular type of transport, then railway trains pollute the environment by 2%, and aircraft by 5% of the total amount of pollution that occurs due to the operation of transport. The rest is for motor vehicles. Thus, at the moment there is a huge conflict between the transport system and ecology, and the future of our planet depends on its resolution.

    Environmental problems of transport
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