Environmentally friendly car tires

Experts believe that car tires are what most harms the environment. Automotive manufacturers are constantly improving and striving to reduce the harmful impact on the environment, comply with environmental standards and requirements, increase efficiency, improve production technologies. Environmental safety is an integral part of the corporate principles of the companies that produce tires.

Tire substitutes

To reduce the negative impact of tires, the period of impact of these products on nature was analyzed. Studies have found that rolling resistance is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions. To improve the situation, some brands have begun to use gentler versions of tire fillers.

Tires are made using a complex chemical composition. In rubber compounds, chemicals usually make up 30-40%. It also contains natural and synthetic rubber, carbon black.

Tire manufacturers are actively looking for new materials to replace petroleum products with renewable raw materials. So oils are replaced by natural ingredients based on various fibers and cellulose. For example, one tire manufacturer uses sunflower oil. Other companies use silica fillers, casing fibers. There are developments that use raw materials from recycled orange peels and fruit juice waste. As a result, tires are produced that do not contain petroleum products.

Modern companies that produce tires try to find raw materials available in nature and renewable. So synthetic rubber is produced in artificial conditions, grown using microorganisms. It is very popular micro-cellulose with mineral fillers.

Improving production technologies

In addition to the fact that tire manufacturers are searching for ecologically safe raw materials, they try to get rid of the use of harmful substances, for example, solvents. The number of emissions of chemical elements is also reduced.

One of the most important steps to improve tire production is the reduction in waste. Less garbage, scrap, rubber and other materials significantly improves the state of the environmental environment. Some waste can be sent for processing. As a result, many tire manufacturers are developing the latest production technologies and trying to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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