Epagneul du larzac: characteristics of the dog breed and photo

Epagneul du larzac is a medium-sized dog with a typical spaniel appearance: a square body with a strong neck, loin, and straight, parallel legs. Spaniels have a medium-sized head, with a wide forehead and an elongated muzzle, dark eyes, and an intelligent expression.

Epagneul du larzac

Characteristics Epagneul du larzac

  • Country of origin: France
  • The size: Average
  • Growth: about 54cm
  • The weight: 13–18 kg
  • Age: 10–15 years
  • FCI breed group: Not recognized

Brief information

  • An extremely rare breed;
  • It is on the verge of complete extinction;
  • Well-trained, non-aggressive, great with children.

Origin story Epagneul du larzac

Epagneul du larzac is a breed bred in the south of France. Like all French Spaniels, these dogs have excellent instincts, can be used for hunting small game, and love water. However, there is no more detailed information about these interesting dogs, since the breed is on the verge of extinction, there is not even data on how many of these spaniels are now left. There is also no information about whether enthusiasts are engaged in the revival of the Epagneul du larzac breed. I would like to believe that these interesting and beautiful animals will be preserved in the future.


Ears one of the distinguishing features of the breed are set high, long, and hanging, with thick and wavy hair. Thick hair also covers the body of the dog, becoming wavy on the paws, and tail and forming the so-called pants on the hips. The color of these spaniels is white, with brown-piebald spots.


Like other French Spaniels, typical representatives of the breed have a friendly character, they are not aggressive and get along well with the owner’s family, including children. Spagnoli du larzac love their owners and hunt with them, they are absolutely fearless. Due to their character and good trainability, they can be not only excellent assistants in the pursuit of the game but also excellent companions at home.

However, owners should take into account that harsh methods cannot be used when training spaniels. These dogs must be taught gently, acting not with shouts, but with positive reinforcement of the correct actions of the animal. Trying to hardly educate these smart and benevolent dogs, you will receive a frightened animal that will refuse to perform even the simplest teams.


Owners need to monitor the state of the wool of their favorites, especially on the ears, where she needs regular combing. It is also necessary to regularly check the ear shells. Due to the fact that the ears fit tightly to the head and are poorly ventilated, inflammation may begin. Also, these dogs, like all others, need annual vaccination and regular processing from parasites.


It does not require special conditions of content and is quite unpretentious. The best option is to keep such a dog in a country house.

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