Eryngi (royal oyster mushroom) photo and description of the mushroom, how to cook and what are useful

Royal oyster mushroom belongs to the class of white steppe mushrooms. In addition, a steppe oyster mushroom has the name, wood booty and royal trumpeter. It is believed to be deanced from the most interesting and unpretentious mushrooms, grown both at home and growing in nature.

Widely used for world cooking. Taste quality is not inferior to the taste of the white mushroom. Has dietary and healing properties. Due to rapid digestibility, does not cause a sense of severity and overflow. In eastern medicine and cosmetology, medicines, tinctures and decoctions are made from it.

How it looks

The dimensions of the neck of the oyster mushroom fluctuate in size from 2 to 14 cm, it can also grow about 30 cm in diameter. The young oyster mushroom has a spherical shape, over time it acquires a flat size, maybe as a concave or incorrect form. The structure is both smooth and scaly. Cracks may occur.

The color ranges from white to yellow, depending on the age of the fungus. Pulp flesh of whitish or pinkish color, sometimes you can find a brown pulp. The smell is nonspecific, characteristic mushroom aroma and taste.

The size of the legs ranges about 5 cm in height and in width from 1 to 2 cm, has a more dense consistency.

When collected

The fruiting time of the white steppe mushroom, as a rule, falls in the spring, mushroom pickers collect it from the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer. In the fruitful year, the oyster mushroom manages to collect even in the fall before the onset of frosts.

Grown at home, it can be given crop throughout the year. Has high yields when ensuring the appropriate microclimate for growth.

Where it lives

Weights can be found throughout the globe from Europe to Asia, in the USA. It is quite common in Eurasia, it is met in Crimea, in the Czech Republic, in Cyprus. She finds application in China and Korea medicine. It grows mainly in the steppe area, on pastures, desert areas. In our country it grows mainly in the south, in deserted regions.

Who can you confuse with

Inexperienced mushroom pickers can confuse oyster mushrooms with dangerous and poisonous doubles in the steppe, which cannot be categorically consumed with food. Due to the similarity of color and shape, they can be confused with satanic and gall mushrooms.

How cultivated

It can be widely cultivated, so you can not only collect, but also grow houses on your own. Provides high productivity due to a quick development cycle. The oyster mushroom received the widest use in all corners of the globe. The fungus is resistant to various viruses and lesions of bacteria.

The main advantage is excellent tolerance of prolonged transportation, when when stored the appearance remains the same and the quality of the taste does not change.

The cultivation technique is simplicity and cheapness, when compared with the cultivation of champignons at home. Thanks to the methods of intensive and extensive cultivation of oyster mushrooms, you can easily grow mushrooms in special artificial rooms.

Italian, German and French residents with the help of an extensive method of growing mushrooms achieve good yields. It must be remembered that for this cultivation method the necessary certain conditions of the climate and temperature, when the crop is collected strictly in the season. The main advantages of this method are low cost, in the absence of the need to purchase special equipment, in the absence of clear indications except seasonality.

With the intensive method of artificial cultivation, a specially equipped room is necessary, where a certain microclimate will be adjusted, necessary for the rapid growth of oyster mushrooms. The main advantages of the application of this method are the possibility of growing and withdrawing a crop throughout the year, as well as the possibility of automating the entire process.

What is useful

Weekly refers to valuable edible mushrooms of high quality, it is rich in protein, in its composition up to 30% of this important trace element. If we consider the content of beneficial substances in this fungus, then it can be compared with meat and dairy products, as well as with vegetable crops.

Mushroom protein is useful for the human body and its heat treatment only increases its usefulness.

The main advantages for a person from use:

  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute to a decrease in cholesterol levels, and also slow down the processes of atherosclerosis.
  • Extremely rich in polysaccharides, which in turn have a beneficial effect on the human immune system.
  • They contain a wide range of B vitamins, ascorbic and folic acids aimed at improving blood formation processes.
  • Ensures the restoration of body resources due to the high content of proteins and carbohydrates of high calorie content.
  • Energy restoration occurs and strengthening the central nervous system.
  • Increase the level of red carts.
  • Reduces the risk of formations.
  • Normalizes blood pressure, improves the functioning of the heart muscle and blood vessels.
  • Protects against violations such as arrhythmia, tachycardia, ischemia.
  • It has a useful effect to restore dental enamel due to the content of phosphorus and calcium.
  • Helps the process of reducing cholesterol and radionuclides.
  • Due to the absorbing action, toxins and toxins are neutralized.
  • How to prepare

    In terms of taste and smell, oyster mushroom is considered an original and unusual product. The most common method of preparation is frying in different oils. It is previously washed in running water, cut into slides, strips or cubes. Fried mushroom can be eaten by both an independent dish, or use it for adding in salads, mashed potatoes, soups, borscht.

    In cooking, oyster mushroom is often used to prepare broths, in the future, a fragrant soup or pickle is made on its basis. It is ideal for dishes with pasta, meat sauces, with all vegetables. In various recipes, it easily replaces the taste of champignons, white and other varieties of mushrooms. Oyster mushroom is also successfully canned and used for longterm storage in closed banks.

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