Eucalyptus forests an eucalyptus forest zone, on which mainland there are, plants and photos

Eucalyptus forests spread widely in Australia, a small amount of them is observed in Tasmania and Indonesia. The name “eucalyptus” is due to the fact that the main flora of these forests are formed by various types of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus make up most of the identity of Australia.

Description of vegetation

Eucalyptus is a tree that grows in wet and warm places. For this reason, eucalyptus plants grow in tropics and subtropics, less often in a temperate climate. At the moment, in Australia there are more than 600 different types of eucalyptus trees. Tropically, varieties are distinguished by their density and high size, while the savannah varieties are predominantly low and frostresistant.

Australia eucalyptus forests differ in that they grow at a very high speed. Every 5-10 years it is permissible to cut down. Eucalyptus wood is very valuable for most woodworking companies. It is characterized by features such as high strength and hardness. It is used as a material for arranging ships, handles and various household tools. Even eucalyptus leaves are used as raw materials.

Special connoisseurs of eucalyptus trees are the Coals of eucalyptus trees. This is the endemics of the fauna of Australia. Animals amazingly adapted to eat eucalyptus leaves, which contain toxic substances. Sinic acid eucalyptus is able to poison even a person. It is noteworthy that not all eucalyptus trees eat coals, but only some of their species. Each animal has at its disposal a couple of trees that they mark in order to prevent them from eating other individuals.

Varieties of eucalyptus plants

One of the most common types of eucalyptus distinguishes spherical and blue species. Also distinguish the twigs, giant, giant, gigantic and ecubyeous species of eucalyptus.

To date, these varieties are about 65 percent of all plants of deciduous trees of Australia. They cover about 4500 kilometers. Sherrovid eucalyptus are used as raw materials to obtain eucalyptus oil. Since ancient times, eucalyptus have been used for medical purposes and as raw materials for the manufacture of food products.

Eucalyptus flowers

Individual representatives of eucalyptus can reach about 170 meters of length and width of about 20 meters. This type of eucalyptus as cineria is an evergreen giant tree. It belongs to the Mirtov family and is one of the fastest growing varieties.

The use of eucalyptus

The leaves of eucalyptus trees secrete a large amount of water that moisturizes the air. They also contain a large number of phytocids, due to which it has been widely used in traditional and folk medicine. Essential oils are produced from it, and the tannins and tarry substances contained in the leaves have a comprehensive healing effect on the human body. In forestry activities, eucalyptus trees can reduce groundwater level, helping to maintain salinity and providing forest protection from winds.

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