Exotic shorthaired cat breed: characteristics, photos, character, maintenance and content rules


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    up to 30 cm
  • The weight:
    3-7 kg
  • Age:
    12-15 years
  • Brief information

  • Representatives of this breed are often called “shorthaired Persian”, since in all respects, except for wool, these breeds are similar and close relatives;
  • The cat is very unpretentious in care and maintenance and will not cause problems even a very lazy owner;
  • Soft, tactful and very affectionate pet.
  • Character

    The exotic shorthaired cat adopted many habits and character traits from the Persians, but exotes are more energetic and moving, playful and friendly, although these animals cannot be called too active. They like to play with their toys, but with even greater pleasure they will watch dripping water, slowly drive a candy wrapper on the floor or lie in a soft chair.

    These cats are unobtrusive, they will not pester the owner if he is not configured for communication or game.

    Exotic shorthaired cat breed: characteristics, photos, nature, maintenance rules and content petstory

    An exotic short-haired cat is a calm pet, not inclined to aggression, besides, devoted and adoring attention, due to the absence of which often suffers and can even fall into depression.

    Cats of this breed get along well with children and pets, but still prefer to communicate and spend time with adults. Exotes by nature sometimes resemble dogs, since they show much more love and devotion than representatives of most other feline rocks.


    Exotic shorthaired cats are predisposed to polycystic kidneys. This disease is hereditary in nature and can lead to renal dysfunction and death of the pet, so it is necessary to do ultrasound in time and closely monitor the changes in the behavior and wellbeing of the pet. And for prevention, it is recommended to undergo DNA tests that will show whether the animal has a genetic predisposition to this disease.

    Short wool does not require particularly careful care, but it is very thick, and to maintain a wellgroomed look, it is recommended to comb it once a week a comb made of highquality steel. It is preferably bathing cats once every two to three months, but during molting these procedures must be performed a little more often. Cats of this breed have a very thick undercoat, so after washing, so that the pet does not catch a cold, it must be wiped well and dry it well.

    It is believed that with age, exotic shorthaired cats may have problems with teeth (tartar, periodontal disease and other troubles), which is why they must be periodically cleaned and checked.

    In addition, special attention should be paid to eye care: due to constant tearfulness, they should be washed daily with special means.

    Conditions of detention

    Since these cats, due to the features of the structure of the skull, often have breathing problems, they must be kept in air conditioning or well-ventilated room, especially in the heat.

    Exotic shorthaired cat breed: characteristics, photos, nature, maintenance rules and content petstory
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