Falcon birds species and photos of falcons with names | Family of Falcon

The Sokolins family totals about 60 species of birds of prey. Powerful, strongwilled. They may well get along with people, but they still need the sky.  A distinctive feature is a tooth on the upper jaw and long, narrow wings. Depending on the species, they feed on small mammals, birds (in flight), snakes, lizards and even large insects. This family does not get nests. They are calmly located on the rocks or in hollows. Carry from two to six eggs. And they live almost everywhere, except perhaps the Antarctic.

Amur Kobchik


Brown Falcon

Evening falcon

Sparrow empty

Madagascar empty

Ordinary empty

Graydefending empty

The rest of the birds of the Sokolov detachment

Seychelles desert

Steppe empty

Mountain Karakara

Little karakara

Ordinary Karakara



Dwarf falcon

Shorttailed falcon

South Mexican Falcon

Redbearing dwarf falcon

Mexican Falcon

Laughing falcon

Mediterranean Falcon


Silver Cheglok





Cheglok Eleanor



Family Family is at the very top of the food pyramid. But, unfortunately, due to the fact that in our world there is practically nothing environmentally friendly, many harmful substances, pesticides and chemical additives accumulate in the body of birds. And taking into account that before this species of birds were actively exterminated, many of them are now on the verge of extinction. In this regard, in our time, hunting and destruction of birds of the Falcon family is prohibited and actively punishable in many countries.

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