Fallen dog: characteristics of the dog breed, photo and character

The fallen dog is French for “moth”. A decorative lapdog of rare beauty, with long hair and hanging winged ears, can be seen in old paintings by court painters. Noble Europeans kept such pets more than eight centuries ago. And the first written mention of the “royal dogs” dates back to the XI century. According to one version, their ancestors were Tibetan spaniels, according to another, Belgian spaniels. As a result of crossing Fallen with the dwarf, spitz dogs were bred with erect ears, and they were called papillons “butterflies” (fr).

Fallen dog

Characteristics Fallen dog

  • Country of origin: France
  • The size: Small
  • Growth: no more than 28 cm
  • The weight:
    Mini 1.5–2.5 kg;
    Standard 2.5-5 kg.
  • Age: 12-14 years old
  • FCI breed group: Decorative and companion dogs

Brief information Fallen dog

  • Smart;
  • Friendly;
  • Active;
  • Human-centered.

Origin story

During revolutions and the collapse of monarchies, this breed was practically exterminated. She survived thanks to emigrants, and already in the New World, she gained popularity again. In 1990 the breed was recognized by the International Film Festival.

Description Fallen dog

A light small dog of a rectangular format, with long ears and a sharp muzzle. The back is straight, the head is round, and the ears are set low. Color spots of any color on a white background. Appreciated the symmetrical coloring of the head and ears. The coat is long, wavy, and without an undercoat, there is a man on the chest, panties on the back, and a fan up to 15 cm long on the tail.

Paws are quite long, with hair between the toes.

Character Fallen dog

Lively, energetic, cheerful dog. Lover to yelp and play. An excellent companion quickly learns to mirror the habits of the owner and fit into his lifestyle. Despite the seeming fragility, it is hardy enough, it will be happy to accompany the owner on long walks. The compact size allows you to take the fallen dogs with you on vacation or travel these dogs sometimes have a hard time parting with their loved ones. Gets along great with other pets and children.

Fallen are bold to the point of recklessness, and the owner needs to be careful and not let his pet off the leash where large dogs walk. The kid can get involved in a quarrel, the outcome of which, for obvious reasons, will not be in his favor.


The gorgeous coat needs care. It needs to be combed daily however, due to the miniature size of the pet, the procedure does not take more than a few minutes. Particular attention should be paid to the areas behind the ears, on the stomach, and on the armpits, tangles can form there. Bathe the fallen as needed, using a special shampoo, as well as a balm that facilitates combing.

Nails need to be trimmed by yourself or in a veterinary clinic, and from time to time you need to cut off excess hair between the fingers. And do not forget to check the auricles: due to the abundance of wool, discharge and dirt can accumulate there, in which case the ears are wiped with a special lotion.

Conditions of detention

In an apartment, in a house in a word, next to a person. For walks in damp, rainy weather, it is good to have a raincoat to protect the coat from dirt. In the cold season, walks will have to be shortened, and it is advisable to take the pet out in warm overalls. Fallen dogs are also well-trained to go to the washroom in a tray.

They love to play, and care must be taken that the animal has balls, rubber squeakers, and other dog joys. During feeding, you can stab the ears on the back of the head with an ordinary plastic “crab” so that they do not get dirty.

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