False white mushroom (bile mushroom or potter) photo and description of how to distinguish from a white mushroom, how it looks and is it possible to eat it

Quite often, inexperienced mushroom pickers confuse white (edible) mushroom with a potter false white mushroom (inedible). Externally, two representatives of the Belotov family have a number of similarities, therefore it is quite possible to confuse them. And only in the process of preparing or using the dish, a person will be able to identify an error when collecting and feel characteristic bitterness. False white mushroom in no case should be used in cooking. In medicine, Gorchak is used as a choleretic tool.


Like a real white mushroom, the potter has a leg, which grows in height up to 3-12.5 cm, despite the fact that its thickness reaches about 1.5-3 cm. The main part of the fruit body has a cylindrical or pinshaped form with a swollen, fibrous base. As a rule, the leg at the top of the creamy yellow or whitish color and on its surface there is a pronounced pattern in the form of a black-handed or brown mesh. The whole part of the fruit body is filled with whitish pulp and looks massive.

False white mushrooms have a number of similarities with relatives. The pots have a hemispherical hat, which with age acquires more outstretched and rounded and podushky features. From above, part of the fruit body is thinfiber, slightly pubescent. During heavy rains, the hat can become more mucus and adhesive. Its coloring varies from yellowish-brown shades to dark brown and gray-chrya.

Gorchak in the context

The main feature of the false white mushroom, with which it is easy to determine, is the darkening of the pulp at the cut. So, the inner layer of the mushroom acquires a reddish tint, has a weak smell and a bitter taste. Due to the fact that the pulp is not worm, it looks quite presentable and often confuses beginner mushroom pickers. Belovoy tubes, which in the future acquire a pink or dirty pink color, grow to the leg. Pores have an angular and rounded shape; when pressed, they become reddish or brown.

In the gall mushroom, spore powder can be pink-brown or pinkish. The spores themselves are smooth, grow in the form of ellipses.

What a false mushroom looks like?

Outwardly, potter looks like a white mushroom. The main feature of the lower plant during visual examination is the characteristic pattern on the leg of the gall fungus. In its relatives, part of the fruit body has a barrellike shape and a light shade, a mesh on the surface layer is absent. It is also believed that the gall mushroom has a darker hat.

How to distinguish a white mushroom from false?

The main difference between the false white mushroom from the present is considered to be its bitter taste. But what to do when the lower plants met in the forest, and there is no way to try them? Some resort to the method of trial and error, and advise licking the mushroom, as a result of which a person will immediately feel the characteristic bitterness. We recommend that we go more sparing and remember the main differences that in the future will help determine the type of mushroom:

  • First of all, you should cut the mushroom and pay attention to the pulp, which should change its color. A few minutes later, the inner layer of the potter will begin to darken, acquiring a pinkish-brown tint. White mushroom does not change its color, with any manipulation it remains white.
  • Next, you need not to be too lazy and carefully examine the fungus leg. A distinctive feature of a potter is the presence of a brown mesh on the parts of the fruit body. In white mushrooms, this is not observed, although there are princes with small dark scales similar to the barrel of birch.
  • At the next stage, the tubular layer of the mushroom should be viewed. In a potter, he has a dirty pink color, while in a boat-white, grayish or yellowish.
  • To determine the “fake” and protect themselves and others from poisoning with a false white mushroom will help a careful examination of the potter.

    Types of false white mushrooms

    Nowadays, several edible species of mushrooms are distinguished, which have a number of similarities with a potter, namely:

  • White mushroom-has a convex hat and white, in some places reddish-brown, parts of the fruit body. The lower plants are often used in cooking and have a soft taste, a pleasant aroma;
  • meshmesh mushrooms have a hemisphere or convex hat, which is covered with a light skin. The leg can be a brownish or light brown shade with a characteristic mesh pattern;
  • Podberezovik a mushroom hat has not bright brownish shades; The pulp of the plant can be slightly stained with a section;
  • The bronze is a fleshy, dense, spherical hat, a hat is inherent in this type of lower plants. The leg has a red-brown-brown color, a cylindrical shape, thickened at the base.
  • Other species of mushrooms that have similarities with a potter are also distinguished. That is why you need to purchase a product from trusted suppliers with special skills and many years of experience.

    Than the false white mushroom is dangerous?

    The false white mushroom is dangerous primarily by the fact that it is inedible. Nevertheless, the potter is not poisonous and when using it, a person can get rid of mild poisoning. The bile fungi are toxic, all harmful substances are contained in the pulp of the fruit body. In addition, they are very unpleasant to taste, which is expressed by strong bitterness, which is not removed with any type of processing.

    The danger of human health is precisely toxic substances, because they destroy the liver and destroy it as soon as they enter the body. After consuming the gall fungus, it is almost impossible to poison immediately. Destruction of the liver occurs gradually and after a few days, and sometimes weeks, one can observe disappointing results. Symptoms of poisoning include:

  • weakness and dizziness;
  • violation of the process of biliary security;
  • The development of cirrhosis of the liver (if a large amount of false white mushroom enters the body).
  • The fact that mountains refuse to eat even worms and insects, as well as animals do not want to try a mushroom, indicates its inudity and disgusting taste.

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