Family of cloves flower, characteristics, representatives

The family of cloves includes more than two thousand species related to 86. These are annual or perennial herbs. You can meet these plants in all the diversity in the center of Asia and the Mediterranean, but many live almost throughout the planet. Leaves can have an oval or linear shape. Most often there are inflorescences of correct flowers. Fruits are represented by nuts, boxes with seeds inside. The most popular are Gorisvet and Yaskolka, Lichnis and Smolevka, Turkish and Alpine Cloves.

The clove is acupuncture

Alpine cloves

Sanding cloves

Cloves are arimvide

The clove is Turkish 

The clove is twocolor

Field cloves

Garden carnation (Dutch clove)

Other types of cloves

Cloves Shabo

Carnation is Chinese

Cloves grass

Cloves of the gelzer

Cloves Nardformis

Curric cloves

Lugovaya cloves

The clove is hard

The cloves are magnificent

Ural clove

Uzbekistan clove

Volzhskaya cloves

Gypsophila creeping 

The yaskolka is silver

Yaskolka felt

Yaskolka Biberstein





Representatives of the clove family love regions with a warm climate and nonsalted soil, grow in gardens and groves. Some were bred only to decorate landscapes and flower beds, for example, Shabo clove. Other varieties grow on rocks or plateau in the wild, for example, Uzbekistan clove. Among the cloves there is a sagin mucan with short shoots and white flowers and a saponaria, in the root system of which soap forms. The plant is often used in cosmetology and folk medicine.

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