Far Eastern Amur Leopard from the Red Book Description and photo

The Far Eastern Leopard is perhaps the only species of this animal that lives in Eurasia, namely on the territory of the Far East. It should be noted that a small number of representatives of this species live in China. Another name of this type is the Amur Bars. Perhaps you should not describe the appearance of this predator, since it is almost impossible to convey to beauty and greatness in words.

The saddest thing is that at the moment the subspecies is on the verge of extinction, so it is listed in the Red Book. The population of the Far Eastern leopard is so small that there is a high probability of its complete disappearance. Therefore, the habitat of the predator of this species is under thorough protection. Experts in this area claim that you can get out of a critical situation if you start the implementation of environmental projects.

Description of the breed

Despite the fact that this type of predator refers to cats, it has a fairly large number of differences. So, in the summer of the year, the length of the wool is no more than 2.5 centimeters. But in the cold season there is more woolen cover up to 7 centimeters. The color is also changing in the summer of the year it is more saturated, but in winter it becomes much brighter, which actually has a quite logical explanation. Light color allows the animal to effectively disguise themselves and thus successfully hunt their prey.

The male weighs about 60 kilograms. Females are slightly smaller rarely the mass exceeds 43 kilograms. It should be noted the structure of the body of this predator long legs allow you to quickly move not only in the warm season, but also during periods when everything is covered with a large enough snow.

As for the habitat, the leopard chooses embossed areas, with various slopes, vegetation and necessarily with reservoirs. At the moment, the habitat of these animals is located only 15,000 square kilometers in the area of ​​Primorye, as well as on the border with the DPRK and China.

Life cycle

In the wild, that is, in natural habitats for him, the Far Eastern leopard lives for about 15 years. Oddly enough, but in captivity this representative of predators lives more about 20 years.

The marriage period falls in the spring. Puberty in a leopard of this species occurs after three years. For all her life period, the female can give birth from 1 to 4 cubs. Maternal custody lasts about 1.5 years. Up to about six months, the mother feeds her baby breasts, after which a gradual excommunication occurs. Upon reaching one and a half year old, the leopard completely departs from parents and begins an independent life.


It should be noted that in China there are quite large areas, which, in fact, are ideal for the leopard of this species to live there and multiply. The only, extremely negative circumstance is the lack of feed. At the same time, it should be noted that this extremely negative factor can be eliminated if the process of using forests by the population can be resolved. In other words, these areas should be made protected and prohibit hunting there.

The critical decrease in the number of Far Eastern leopard is due to the fact that the animals are shooting in order to get beautiful, and therefore, dear fur.

The only opportunity to restore the number and natural habitat of this animal is to prevent the extermination of leopards with poachers and take the protection of those areas that are their habitat. No matter how sad, but so far everything goes precisely to the disappearance of this species of animals, and not an increase in their number.

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