Far Eastern Turtle (Chinese Trioniks) photo and description, content at home

In the Far Eastern Turtle (another name Chinese troniks) weeding paws for swimming. There are no horn shields in the shell. Leather shell and suppressive, especially on the sides. The central part of the carapace has a solid bone layer, like other turtles, but soft at the outer edges. A light and flexible shell allows turtles easier to move in open water or on the mud bottom of the lake.

Far Eastern turtle shell has olive color and sometimes dark spots. Plastron is orange-red, and can also be decorated with large dark spots. Limbs and head olive on the dorsal side, the front limbs are lighter, and the hind legs are ventral-red. There are dark spots and lines emanating from the eyes on the head. Throat spotted, on the lips there can be small dark strips. A pair of dark spots is located in front of the tail, and a black strip is also visible on the back of each thigh.


Soft shell Far Eastern turtle is found in China (including Taiwan), North Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Eurasia. It is difficult to determine the natural range. Turtles were exterminated, used in food. Migrants brought a turtle with a soft carapace in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Timer, Batan, Guam, Hawaii Islands, California, Massachusetts and Virginia.

Far Eastern turtles live in brackish water. In China, turtles are found in rivers, lakes, ponds, canals and streams with a slow current, live in swamps and drainage ditches in Hawaii.


These turtles are predominantly carnivorous, and the remains of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, insects and seeds of marsh plants are found in their stomachs. Far Eastern amphibians get food at night.

Activity in nature

Long head and pipelike nostrils allow turtles to move in shallow water. At rest, they lie at the bottom, burrow into sand or dirt. They raise their heads to breathe air or grab prey. Far Eastern turtles do not swim well.

Amphibians immerse their heads in water to highlight the urine from the mouth. This feature helps them survive in brackish water, allows you to secrete urine without drinking salt water. Most turtles take urine through the cloaca. This leads to a significant loss of water by the body. Far Eastern turtles only rinse your mouth with water.


Turtles reach puberty aged 4 to 6 years. Mate on the surface or under water. The male lifts the female shell with the front limbs and bites her head, neck and paws.

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