Fatlegged honey agaric photo and description, edible or not, where it grows and how it looks like

Hoodie. Armillaria lutea) this mushroom belongs to the family of phyzalaxy, the genus of mushrooms.


The hat of the hodgepodge of a thicklegged broadskinny shape, the edge of this part of the mushroom is bent inside. The diameter of the hat is about 10 cm. Over time, the surface of the hat is flattened. The hats of young mushrooms are painted in brown or pink, on the sides these parts of the mushroom can be white. There are many scales in the center of the hat, they are all conical shape. The scales themselves are fibrous, painted in brown.

Sporebearing layer plate, the plates are located close to each other. At a young age, the hymenopher is white, but as it is aging, it becomes brown. Disputes are white. The flesh of the toll is light, smells of damp. The color of the pulp does not change on break.

The diameter of the legs varies from 0.5 to 2 cm. At the bottom of the legs there is a large thickening of a cylindrical shape. Above the ring the leg is white, under it is painted in a brown. A little bedspread can be found under the ring. The ring is painted in white, it is covered with scales. This part of the mushroom is fibbed, brown scales.

Where and when it grows

Top fatty saprophyte. This means that this mushroom can be found on stumps and trunks of trees. The tuler often grows surrounded by northern mushrooms. A thicklegged tile usually grows on a beech and spruce. This mushroom does not like other coniferous trees. This mushroom grows in the south of Eurasia, in the Urals.


There is a wellknown double a serplastine tale. From the top of the hat, scales are washed off quickly. The hat is painted blue. This is an edible mushroom with a very fragrant smell.

Seroplastine honey agaric

A thicklegged tillage can be confused with a fiber scales. The double has a lot of scales on the hat, the spores of the fungus are painted in the ocher. The ring of the mushroom is also covered with scales. The leg of the young copy is long and is very narrowed down. Flesh at the scales of bitter. This species is conditional-eaten.

Another double is a sulfur-yellow false. The hat of this fungus is painted in yellow, sulfur-yellow records. The leg of the mushroom is yellowish and hollow. This species is poisonous.

Sulfur and yellow pupil

How to cook and what to assemble

Only young specimens or those mushrooms should be collected, whose cover was just cut off. If you need large mushrooms, you need to collect only hats. Upon arrival home, you need to treat mushrooms. First you should clean the mushrooms of garbage and wash fruit bodies. Before the hot, the mushrooms must be boiled.

Growing in the country

For growing, bars with logs are selected. These ingredients need to be soaked within a week. The length of these remains of the wood should be at least 40 cm, the diameter is about 20-25 cm. If these blanks were cut off recently, you need to soak them only two days.

Then small holes are drilled in the wood, into which the mycelium is introduced. Then they are sealed and covered with straw and cotton. Then the mycelium will grow about six months. After it grows, it will be necessary to keep the wood in the room at a temperature of +7 to + 27 ° C. The crop will delight 2-3 times a year, namely in the autumn and spring period.

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