Fern cleans water bodies from oil

In Germany, scientists in the course of research found that Salvinia Molesta fern perfectly absorbs oily substances, including oil products. In nature, this type of flora is considered a weed, but since it had new properties, it will become useful for the purification of the water of the seas and oceans in cases of oil spill.

The opening of oil absorption was made by a ferry accident, after which this effect of the plant began to be deeply studied. The lipophilic surface of the fern leaves attracts various fats, but in turn repels water. There are also microdes on them, which also take and absorb fatty substances molecules.

Fern of this species lives in a natural environment in warm latitudes. It grows near water bodies, and in places spreads on the water surface. In some corners of the planet, for example, in the Philippines this plant is used to purify water.

Different reservoirs are polluted after accidents by technicalmas and oil, chemical compounds, household drains. All this significantly pollutes water, makes it unsuitable for the habitat of many types of flora and fauna. The fern can be allowed into contaminated reservoirs, and since it multiplies rapidly, it will be able to absorb oil by cleaning the reservoir in a short time.

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