Filin photo and description of the bird, how it looks and what it eats, interesting facts

Mysterious bird bird and one of the largest representatives of the owl family. Filin has long attracted the attention of people with their appearance and distinctive habits. Even at this stage, scientists did not fully study this type.

Distinctive feature of Filina his strong physique and large orange-red eyes that cover the feathers. The color of the plumage in birds is predominantly red. The shade of feathers may vary depending on the environment of its habitat and the view under consideration. The body length of an adult owl can vary from 50 to 70 centimeters. And the birds weigh on average three kilograms. Filin is popular with its ability to turn the head to 270 degrees, making almost a whole turn of the head around the neck. Possessing such an opportunity, birds do not move their eyes. They always leave them motionless.

These predators have pronounced anatomical differences in the sexes. The female can be distinguished from the male by her large dimensions. The most dangerous weapon of Filin claws. Sharp, like knives, they are able to dig into the body of the victim, leaving no chance of survival.

Filin is divided into many species, each of which has its own unique features. The type of owl is determined depending on the environment of its habitat. Consider the most common views:

Ordinary eagle owl. In a different way, an ordinary owl is called “Euro-Asian” or “North”. Bird up up to 75 centimeters weighing up to three kilograms. The body of an ordinary owl barrelshaped. Colorful color with a predominant red and hoarse color. The body is covered with black stripes. The species was widespread in Asia and North Africa.

Fish eagle owl. Owl from a long body about 70 centimeters. The weight of a female of this species can reach four kilograms. Brown plumage with black longitudinal spots. A distinctive feature of a fish owl a white spot under the beak. This species is popular in Korea and in the Far East.

Nepalian eagle owl. The bird settled in the forests of the Himalayas, Malaysia and Indochina. The color of the Nepali Filin has a grayish-brown tint. This eagle owl is noteworthy in his amazing voice, similar to human.

Virginian eagle owl. Is the largest view of America. It differs in a variety of color. The color of its plumage can be either brown or white or gray.

African eagle owl. Compared to his relatives, is a fairly small representative. The body size of the African eagle owl reaches a maximum of 45 centimeters. Red-brown plumage with chaotic white spots. Popular on the African continent.

What is Filin eats

Filin predatory bird and its diet corresponds to the status. Different mammals are suitable for him to eat. Small noodles can use insects. Large individuals hunt roears, badgers, mountain goats, hares and martens. If there are birds on the territory of their habitat, then they will also not disdain the nibs by them. Chickens, finches, hazel grouse and even crows will go to food. Fish eagle owl, as it should be named, feeds on crustaceans and various species of fish. Often, noodles eat bats and hedgehogs.

Filin divides large game in parts, which then hides until the next meal. Small mammals swallows the whole.

Activity and lifestyle

Like most owl representatives, a night predator. Hunting begins with the onset of darkness. At dawn, after saturation, Filin returns to his shelter for sleeping and digesting food.

The amazing color of the noodles is designed to mask them. For other predators, the bird is good prey, and in the daytime, Filin is subject to attacks.

Many noodles lead a lonely and sedentary lifestyle. Only birds living in the northern latitudes fly into warm frosts during the onset. Lonely Filin only before the wedding period.

Filin loves to surprise with his voice, which, with their diversity, can frighten others. His exclamations are very reminiscent of human cries.


The mating season of Filin begins in spring. Depending on the species, birds compete differently in the struggle for the female. Some arrange marriage dances, trying to impress the future companion. Fit nudes try to catch the maximum amount of production to feed the chosen one. The pairs formed are inseparable until the end of life.

Filins do not make nests in the usual sense. The female lays her eggs in the earthen trenches between stones or under the trees. Owl can put off up to 5 eggs. The hatching takes a month of life of a female.

Haging chicks weigh in the region of 70 grams. Their body is covered with a white fluff, and their eyes are closed for the first week after the birth. After a month of life, the owls are able to independently move on the ground, as a rule, on foot. And in two months they have been making their first flights.

Independent chicks become at the age of seven or eight months.

Life expectancy

Filin longlivers. In the will, their average age can reach from 14 to 16 years. Sometimes the age of owl in the wild can be 25 years. In captivity, these birds beat all records. Many individuals live up to 50 years. There are cases when the eagle owl lived up to 70 years.

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