Fish of Australia photo with names and descriptions | Fish endemic to Australia

There are many interesting fish in Australia, among them there are flying ones that jump out of the water and are able to soar for some time. This species may soon become extinct due to poachers who hunt it for its juicy meat. There is also a drop fish that inhabits Tasmania and is classified as endangered. Basically, Australian fish are predators and do not disdain to eat their own kind. So, the bumpy carpet shark hides at the bottom and hunts down prey, hunting like a pro. The victims are shrimp and crayfish, sea snakes.

tweezer fish


Clown fish

australian hydrolag

australian thorn

Australian Orlyak


Common gray shark

Striped Urolophus

Other fish in Australia

spotted galaxia

drop fish

running fish

Murray cod

Bumpy Carpet Shark



fish knight


bull shark

Great white shark

Flying fish

Horntooth or barramunda

telescope fish


Napoleon fish

Brazilian glowing shark


Thus, Australia is a country of amazing and predatory fish. There is also a running fish, found near Tasmania, and a representative of the needle-like, hunting shrimp and having a special camouflage suit. Here you can also meet the king fish, which prefers to be in the crevices of the rocks and attack the victims at night. However, a sturgeon representative cannot swim well due to small fins. There is also an opportunity to observe Pegasus feeding on crustaceans and worms. The species is named because of the unusual fins that look like wings.

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