Fish of North America with photos and names

There are over a hundred species of fish in North America that are constantly hunted. In total, there are about one and a half thousand species from the sturgeon, perch and tarpon families. Giant white sturgeon and yellow perch delight local fishermen. The territory is not deprived of salmon, among which there is chinook salmon. Many species like calm waters with cool water, where the oxygen content is high, but sometimes swim in lakes and rivers. Sexual dimorphism is most often expressed in size, and otherwise it is difficult to determine this feature.

american eudo

American char

American pike

American river eel

american catfish

arctic char

white shovelnose

white sturgeon

bigmouth buffalo

Other fish of North America

largemouth bass



yellow perch

Zebra tetraodon

needle farlovella


Canadian walleye

channel catfish



Mississippi cuirass

common sunfish

Olive catfish

Pirate Perch

Spotted shell pike

bluegill dory


Fish of North America are amazing creatures that prefer fry. Usually these are aggressive fish, but the lightfin zander is rather an exception and therefore does not resist when catching. The shape of the body is often elongated, on the sides it can be replaced by a slightly flattened one, on especially bright days, fish like to swim to the depths and wait there. Their body is quite wide and long, it can reach one and a half meters, like the Atlantic tarpon. Everyone eats about the same, consisting of crabs and shrimps, and sometimes insects.

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