Fish of South America photos and names | Freshwater and predatory fish of South America

Most of South America is occupied by tropical forests. The long Amazon River flows through the territory, where dangerous pennant piranhas are found. In Colombia and Panama you can meet the blue Akara. Unlike piranhas, these fish can get along with other species, they prefer stagnant waters. There are also such interesting fish in these parts as representatives of the armored family. They are found not only in the Amazon, but also in the Orinoco. Other representatives of piranhas brown pacu, which is not a predator and eats algae and nuts.

Akara blue

Akaricht Haeckel

American char

Apistogram panduro



White-spotted agamixis

Bolivian butterfly

armored catfish

Other fish of South America

brown pacu

Venezuelan panaka

Pennant piranha

Ocellated astronotus

Ocellated stingray

blue neon

yellow neon

Blue catfish


Two-spotted Astyanax

golden catfish

star ancistrus

star pristella

Zebra tetraodon

needle farlovella

emerald brochis


Dwarf nannostomus

spotted catfish

red pacu

Leopard catfish

lemon tetra

common piranha

common scalar

common river stingray


spotted galaxia

striped carnegiella

Pink Munchausia

leaf fish

Gray angelfish

scalar leopold


Mustachioed ancistor catfish

black aravana

Black knifemaker

black neon

black phantom


South America is home to dangerous fish such as piranhas and the plant-eating freshwater Venezuelan panaca. There is also Astronotus, another predator that eats worms and crustaceans. These individuals love places with a muddy bottom and can be found in the Rio Negro River. There are also unusual yellow neons that lead a herd lifestyle. A representative of stone perches also lives on this mainland, frightening in its own way guasa. They live off the coast of Brazil and Senegal.

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