Fishes of Africa list with names and photos | African fish

Africa is home to a large number of exotic fish that can swim well. Among them there are representatives of characins, cichlids. There are many barbs and catfish in the waters that live at depth. There are also fish-knives gathering in flocks and glass catfish. At the bottom you can also find small neolebias with an olive-colored back. Here you can also meet fago predatory fish that hunt fry. In Africa, perciformes with a wide and heavy body are also represented. Usually these are cichlids that look like labyrinths.


Afiosemion Lambert

African catfish

Big tiger fish

Greater labidochromis

Gnathonem Peters

blue labidochromis

golden leopard


Ctenopoma leopard

Labidochrome Chisumula

Other fish of Africa

Mbu (fish)

mozambique tilapia

Nile heterotis

Nile perch

Notobranch Rakhova

Notobranch Furtsera

Common mudskipper

Striped-tailed Afiosemion

Princess Burundi

Pseudotropheus zebra

river perch

Butterfly fish

Cassowary fish

Senegalese polyper

Changeling Catfish



parrot cichlid

Six-band distihod

electric catfish

Epiplatis Shapera

Jaguar Synodont


In Africa, there are a variety of fish that love to catch tadpoles in the thickets. Usually the color of African fish is grayish or bluish interspersed with yellow, but pink is also found. There are many cichlids here, a distinctive feature of which is living in salt waters of reservoirs in coastal zones. There are also cichlids that prefer to hunt in the same places in crevices next to stones or thickets. And from the Gulf of Guinea to the source of the famous Nile River, you can find fahaki who love sea water.

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