Flipshaped red book photo and description

Mukhomor Shishkovidny is the rarest representative of the Family Family. It is worth noting that today there is a lot of disputes regarding the edibility and toxicity of such a mushroom. This is due to the fact that some experts believe that after boiling it can be eaten, and the latter are confident specific hallucinogenic substances even after heat treatment are fully preserved.

Such mushrooms do not grow when they form small groups and germinate under linden, on end or beech. This means that they grow in mixed or only broadleaved forests.

Where it grows

The natural habitat is:

Flipshaped red book photo and description
  • Primorsky Krai;
  • Ukraine;
  • Eastern Georgia;
  • Estonia;
  • Latvia;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Western Europe.
  • The limiting factors in this case are presented:

  • narrow ecological amplitude;
  • pronounced calcium this means that it grows mainly in the soil with a high content of calcium carbonate;
  • heatloving;
  • wide range of anthropogenic factors.
  • Short description

    The pivotal fly agaric has a rather characteristic appearance:

  • A hat in diameter can reach 5-16 centimeters. Moreover, its form differs depending on the age of the individual. In young mushrooms it is semisphere, but gradually transforms into convex, and in old individuals outstretched. In color, it is poor or grayish. The plates on it are free and often located. The pulp is gray, while its smell and taste is quite pleasant;
  • leg length varies from 6 to 13 centimeters, the diameter is small an average of 30 millimeters. In shape, it resembles a cylinder, and at the base it swells a little. The color completely coincides with the color of the hat. The legs are covered with large scales along the entire length often they are pointed and outwardly resemble flakes. There is also a yellowish ring on the leg, which can be striped along the edges. It is this feature that distinguishes such a mushroom.
  • In general, the appearance of such fly agaric makes mushroom pickers bypass them. Basically, the mushroom prefers carbonate soil. Fruit in the interval from July to September inclusive.

    Hallucinogenic and dangerous for humans he is made by the following substances:

  • Muscimol;
  • Openic acid.
  • Despite the widespread opinion regarding the fact that after cooking they can be used inside, such information is unconfirmed, so it is better to avoid contact with such a mushroom at all.

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